Friday, February 15, 2008

Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge episode 18

My Thoughts:
This tangled mass of plot lines just tightened itself into a nice little knot. Kazuki is still oblivious about Sakino, Mao blurts out the truth, and Kouichi is conflicted though he doesn't want to admit it to himself. Then there's Futami who's so messed up emotionally, it'd take a gang of shrinks years just to straighten her out.

Of course now that the train wreck which is the relationship between Mao, Kouichi and Hoshino is fully scheduled it should be interesting to see what happens. Of course, you do have to feel bad about Hoshino here, she didn't ask for any of this hassle, and Mao kind of forced the issue when she popped back into everyone's lives.

As Hirono from True Tears said, busy bodies are fools.

Episode Summary:
This weeks episode starts off where last weeks left off, and Mao telling Kai that they've got to break up. As she's running off, he grabs her hand, and asks why, and she tells him somewhat bluntly that she likes Kouichi. As it starts to rain, she runs off, and then gets soaked on the way home, so she spends the rest of the episode bed-ridden due to fever.

Kazuki on the other hand is bored, as is his little sister. Yet, just before she can con him into taking her to the amusement park, Sakino calls him and asks him to meet her at the local playground. Once he arrives, Futami shows up, and then Sakino runs off, leaving those two to talk. Futami has a flashback while Kazuki is chatting about the swings and then takes him to her apartment. There they talk about what she was trying to learn with the experiments, and then with the ultimate statement that it's better off to be alone, tells him that they are over.

We then get ten minutes of Kouichi being emo over Mao being sick, ending with him spacing out while doing some of the filming. Quick jump to a soccer practice where Kazuki is all serious, and he tells Sakino that he's going to focus on soccer from here on out.

Kouichi on the way home from filming, runs into Kai and learns that Mao an Kai broke up. When he gets home, he goes to Mao's room and pesters her until she finally responds.

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