Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge episode 19

My Thoughts:
Well, I knew this was going to happen. It was fairly obvious a few episodes ago that Mao being the lead in the film was going to lead to some heartache for that whole triangle there. Hoshino has suddenly realized just how deep Sanada's and Mao's feelings are for one another, even if both of them have been deluding themselves up to this point. Yet after Mao's outburst last episode, just how long is Sanada going to be able to keep lying to himself? I just have to wonder if Hoshino is going to fight for the guy she loves or if she's going to set him free after she transfers. And if she does set him free, how will Kai's reemergence as a player affect things between Mao and Sanada?

What's sad is that Sanada is truly conflicted here. He's liked Mao for a long time, but he also really likes Hoshino. I doubt polygamy is a viable option to either of the female leads here, so in the end he's going to have to make a choice.

Additionally, I'm hoping that the Shijo and Hoshino scenes this episode means that Hoshino will now have a support for whatever happens between her and Sanada. Prior to Mao pushing Sanada and Hoshino at one another, she was somewhat alone and spent all her time with her books. Of course I can't really say anything about that type of personality, since it was my default setting during that age as well.

As for Futami, Aihara is a fool. She's wanting him around, but he's not saying the right things. He clearly told her before that he didn't like the concept of the experiments, and she's realized that any love that was birthed via an "experiment" would be ill-fated. She's just wanting him to realize that as well, and confess "normally." Or at least that's my take on things.

Episode Summary:
We begin this episode with Nana waking up her older brother. Bantering ensues, and Aihara realizes once again, just how alone Futami is. Cut over to Sanada as he's daydreaming about Mao's confession from the previous episode. After his alarm clock goes off, he gets out of bed and has a tense moment with her. As they walk to school, Mao tells him that they should continue on as if she hadn't confessed. Yumi then shows up, and Mao runs off to school first so she can have a tense moment with Kai.

Then you have the soccer practice and Sakino making flirty-eyes at Aihara. Later, Aihara is hanging outside of Futami's and Shijou's class waiting for Futami when he learns from Shijou that Futami isn't going to the assembly. So he then spends the rest of the afternoon moping alongside of Sanada. While they're moping, they get picked to run the class booth for the school festival, with Hoshino volunteering to work alongside Sanada to the various catcalls from the rest of the class.

Switch over to Nana and her udon partner find out that they're getting two more members for their association. They then do one of their scary dances.

Another switch, and we get Hoshino asking Sanada what's wrong. After telling her nothing, he says that they should go on home, and of course, movie-boy then shows up to drag him off to sign up the movie research club for the school festival.

Then we get Asuki making Mao feel bad about the upcoming kiss scene.

Then another switch, and we get Aihara talking to Futami and he then confesses to her. She effectively blows him off in her somewhat cold, calculating way.

Another scene change and we find out that the Udon folks have got the best spot in the festival. When it becomes the movie club's turn, they run into problems. While this is going on, we find out that Hoshino and Shijo are making a poster for the movie. They have a Hallmark moment, and once the poster is done they realize that they have misspelled Hiiragi's name. It's at this point that Sanada calls Hoshino and tells her that he and Hiiragi are going to be a while and that she should go on home. The two girls are walking along, and suddenly the udon girls are calling their names. One of them makes a comment about not wanting the festival to end, which makes Hoshino sad. She then tells the three others that she's transferring the day after the school festival, and they all have another Hallmark moment.

We get a Hoshino monologue about how much she's changed since meeting Sanada as we're given various shots of the other players in the anime, specifically Aihara, Futami, Sakino, Mao, and Sanada.

Next up is the filming of the final scene of the movie. The big kiss scene. Mao changes her lines slightly, and then after Hiiragi calls out "cut" everyone tells them it's like they're not even acting. Mao who has been crying runs off, as Sanada calls out after her. He stands there watching where she had disappeared to, and being all emo, while Hoshino stares at him.

For her part, Mao runs through the city, until she arrives at the park. Unknown to her though, she's seen by Kai who follows her. The episode ends with him coming up to her as she cries at a park bench.

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