Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Morning Rambling for 2/25/08

Here it is, the twenty-fifth of February, 2008. Did you remember that this year was a leap year? If not for the multiple calendars on my desk, I probably would have forgotten. Again. Anyways, for those of you who actually care about such things, and honestly, I'm not really one of them, the Oscars aired last night. My wife though, provided me a rather startling revelation about them: there are Oscar Parties. I have a hard enough time figuring out why most folks have Superbowl parties, I just can't figure out why a group of grown men and women would gather together to watch 3 hours of fashion commentary followed by an additional 3 hours of even more boring speeches. My only guess is that it is some type of drinking game. Everytime someone says "Thank you" while crying, you take a shot or something. Anyhow, SCIFI Wire has put up an article detailing the finalists for a much more important, yet less covered award: The Nebulas.

Ah well, I doubt that most folks will have the same taste in award shows as I. In fact, the only reason I like the Nebulas is because they don't have that whole televised show, and it's about SF.

Yet I digress, (actually, can one digress in a post whose whole purpose is to be somewhat ramblign?) AniMonday has more Noein and Tactics, while Tuesday night's movie is X based on the manga series of the same name by CLAMP. Tuesday also features the release of the next Legacy of the Force novel, so I'm happy about that. Sadly, when I went to Barnes and Nobles last night, they had not put it out on the shelves early, nor were there anything new that I wanted to purchase from their massive amount of clearance items (they're moving store sites so there's a bunch of clearance).

As an aside, Friday I doubt I'll have time for another of my rambling posts, nor should one expect much in the way of updates about anime episodes over the weekend (or at least until Sunday). I'm having a bit of dental work done, and will probably be out of it on pain meds for most of the weekend.

What you can expect for this week, would be my Darth Bane 2 review (which I'm currently rewriting) as well as episodic reviews for H20, KimiKiss, and hopefully Spice & Wolf (if I can get caught up with it prior to my downtime).

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