Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mwah! Not Wednesday!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already. A decent number of things are slamming healthily down upon me in the next few days. First and foremost is that tidbit of dental surgery in the morning. I'm highly torn between the need to get rid of those teeth that are once again beginning to hurt and the fact that it's a visit to a dentist. Beyond that Monday promises to be a big upheaval, but in happier news my elder brother will be up for a visit in just a few days. Maybe we can both take our respective sons and go see Spiderwick Chronicles.

Anyways, I tried once again to watch Appleseed (the 3d CGI anime version) on my DVR and though I was not stopped from watching by the wakening of small children, I did kind of nod off during the middle of it and thus missed a good portion of the plot and character development.

I guess this means that I'll need to sit down right after the boys go to bed and try to watch it. Hey, maybe I can convince my beloved wife that she needs to sit down and enjoy the movie with me.

Also, the sequel to this movie should be getting released on March 11. It's entitled Appleseed: Ex Machina and what I've read about the plot has me interested. Just for your enjoyment though, here's the trailer:


mella said...

The best 3d animation I've ever seen!

Stephen Wrighton said...

oh most definitely!

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