Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spice & Wolf - episode 4

My Thoughts:

I'm still trying to figure out why I like this show so much. The bartering aspects don't do anything for me, and the artwork isn't the best in the world. The only thing I am left to think of is it's just that good of a story.

Anyways, in this episode, we get to see more of Horo's psychology, and the fear and loneliness that she constantly feels. We also get to see a bit of what Lawrence is thinking--especially in relation to his hopes and dreams for the future. Which points the two of them in an odd juxtaposition. He wants to settle somewhere and open a shop, while she wants to finish her journey to the North. Of interest is that she wants to journey to the north with him.

In the end, I like these two characters, and hope that the events of this episode makes them realize just how much they want to be around one another.

That said, I seriously do not like the guy in charge of the Milone company. He seems so smarmy; of course since this is an anime effectively about capitalism that means he's probably an OK character. I have my suspicions on just who it is that showed up at the end of the episode, and I'll record it here, as a just in case (HTR):

It's the guy Horo tricked into buying the Marten pelts
We'll see how smart I am next week I guess.

Episode Summary:

We join Lawrence and Horo having a drink with Zeiren at the usual bar, then in a flashback we're given the fact that he went to the Milone company in order to get bigger guns involved in the coin scheme. They go back to the inn, and have a drink, and then the next morning they return to Milone company and become partners with them. After that, we see a bit of Lawrence's dreams for the future in the shop he wants to open, and then see some of Horo's fears. She seriously doesn't want to be left alone, and fears that she will be. Once they retire for the evening, he finds her in his bed. He goes to kiss her, and she tells him that there are three men outside their door. So they jump out the window and then run about the town. Horo leaves Lawrence's side to give him a chance to get to safety. He barely makes it, and while chatting with the boss of the Milone section there, is told that they're not going to do anything for Horo. Which makes Lawrence a tad miffed. A few seconds later, the guy Horo sold the pelts too brings in a letter, that contains a few of Horo's hairs and tells them that they're taking her to the church. So Lawrence tells them just who Horo is. Then we see Horo surrounded by a few men, and she's doing that growling thing and showing off her fangs and tail when someone knew walks in, and it's someone that she knows.

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