Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stumbling through a Tuesday

Well, apparently I was wrong yesterday. Apparently, it was lucky of me to miss out on Sunday night's airing of Knight Rider. Some of the various blogs that I read routinely panned it. Of course the Nielsens loved both that two hour movie and the premier of Dexter on CBS. While I hope that CBS retains Dexter I almost fear that NBC will pick up Knight Rider for the fall season.

In other entertainment news, io9 tells us that Sulu gets to wield a sword in the new Star Trek movie and there's a new Street Fighter movie in the works. Apparently the new movie will be focused on the character of Chun Li, who gets played by Kristin Kreuk. Other folks attached to this movie are Micheal Clarke Duncan and Chris Klein.

All that said though, my youngest is increasing levels faster than I thought possible. I wonder if he has a bot that's farming xp for him. Anyways, he spent his latest batch of experience points on a climbing skill, and has thus started climbing into the fireplace, onto the table, and even pushing the chair up to the kitchen counter and deciding that hey, that's a nice place to climb up onto as well. The addition of a climbing skill has increased his GET INTO MISCHIEF feat to level 6.

In game news, there's a fan game in the works for the Star Trek universe. It's a "spiritual" sequel to the old Bridge Commander game (which I personally enjoyed) where the player gets to take command of the USS Excalibur. Sounds pretty fun to me.

Well, that's all my various meanderings for today. Anyone out there have any interesting news?

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