Sunday, February 17, 2008

True Tears episode 7

My Thoughts:
I've got to admit, I'm really not liking Ai here. I understand that whole follow your heart thing, but if she's going to behave like this, then she really needs to make things plain to Miyokichi. Then the next character that I dislike is Jun. He's quite manipulative, and that whole bargain thing. While it may have worked in She's all That in real life, I doubt there's a girl out there who'd be too happy about being a part of a bargain or a bet. I see that creating some bad mojo for all the characters involved in a future episode.

On the Shin front, one of the girls' feelings have actually penetrated that lead box that he calls a brain. I know that I'm not the most observant of all males, especially when it comes to a female's feelings. After all, the first time that I ever saw my wife, she was staring at me, and the entire class I thought she was staring at the clock which I was sitting beneath. Yet, how much more obvious about their feelings can these girls be. Actually, Noe was the least obvious, as she hadn't even realized yet what her feelings where.

Hiromi is still being less than nice to Shin, but he did kind of deserve it. Additionally, I still have my reservations about the validity of the sibling claim. It's just too convenient of an excuse to push Shin'ichiro towards a Noe ending, couple that with the whole "I'm a horrible person" comment from Hiromi after telling Shin, and then the question from Shin's dad--the one person left alive who could clear all such things up.

Miyokichi though, now he's an odd goat. If a girl I was dating, had implied that she liked my best friend, well, I'd be less than happy. Of course, I guess it would be hard to get mad at Shin, it's not like he's doing anything to encourage Ai, and he's demonstrated time and again just how oblivious he is towards the advances of the opposite sex.

That leaves us at Noe. Her naivety shines through here again, as does her penchant for confronting issues head on. This leads to both the fight with Hiromi, her confusion while dealing with the realization of her love, as well as forcing Shin to both say and write out his confession to her. I still fear that she's going to end up being emotionally beaten by the events of the next few episodes, and am almost cringing at the thought.

Still, I can't sing praises enough for this series, and am looking forward to next week's episode. What's most interesting is the fact that the anime really could still end up going any way. In CLANNAD or Myself; Yourself (for example) you're fairly certain at the beginning who the main character is going to end up with. It's often telegraphed, and done so loudly. Yet, I don't get that at all. I'm constantly flickering back and forth between Hiromi and Noe as to the one that Shin will end up with, and after the events of this episode, I'm even finding it conceivable for a Ai ending. It's just brilliant if you ask me.

Episode Summary:
The episode begins with Shin'ichiro still trying to digest the big reveal from yesterday. As he's preening in the mirror to see if he looks like Hiromi, we have flashes over to her cooking breakfast. Then we get the whole family sitting down to a meal, and Shin is tossing evil glares at pretty much everyone. He's playing the emo ticket all the way to school, and of course there's Noe trying to cheer him up.

After he tells her that she doesn't understand, she takes the lunch she made for him (fried chicken) and goes to feed it to the remaining chicken. When the chicken snubs it, she then goes finds Hiromi, and forces her to eat the lunch. Ultimately, she blames Hiromi for the way Shin has been acting and the two girls get into a fight.

Shin'ichiro and Miyokichi arrive on the scene, and when Shin calls out Hiromi's name, she runs off in one direction, while Noe goes in another. Shin follows Noe, and an inkling of realization sinks in through his incredibly dense head.

Shin then heads off to dance practice, where he's paying more attention to his angst than his dancing--but it actually improves his dancing. Ai is there watching him as well. After the practice, those two are walking home, and Ai subtly tosses herself at him once again. Before Shin can realize what's happening, Jun shows up on his motorcycle, and tells him again to keep his end of the bargain.

Ai is at home knitting, and gets a text message. At first she thinks it's from Shin so she's all sorts of happy, but quickly comes off her high when she sees it's from Miyokichi. They meet up, and Ai tells him that he shouldn't be so nice to her, and she tries to confess. Miyokichi tells her to hush, as he doesn't want to know, and that she's the only one for him.

Then we pop in on Hiromi who's working on the computer. Shin's mom comes over, and treats her nice. Shin catches the two talking, and asks Hiromi if his mom is being mean again. Hiromi just ignores him though. As he's storming off to his room, his father asks what he's been told by his mother, and he replies not that much, and keeps on going.

He gets up to his room, and starts thinking about all sorts of things, and quickly comes to the realization that he's been so conflicted because he likes Noe as well.

Jun arrives at his house, and finds Noe miserable on the floor. He cheers her up, and we get some more vibe of him liking his little sister a bit too much.

The next day, it begins to snow, and at lunch, Shin asks what Miyokichi is going to do. Miyokichi makes some vague comments, but Shin is clueless as to what he's talking about. Since, Miyokichi wasn't going to eat, he goes and finds Noe.

Upon finding her, she begins to run around the chicken coop, and Shin starts to chase her. Hiromi comes out from the basketball court, sees this behavior and then turns and goes back. Finally, catching Noe, Shin'ichiro ends up confessing to her. Which makes her happy enough that she feels like crying, and drives home to Shin just how much this girl likes him.

After school, Ai is working in her family's shop, and she opens the doors to find Shin hanging out there, getting snowed on. She drags him in, and makes him sit down while she gets a towel. On returning, he tells her that he's going to go out with Noe, which causes Ai to react.


JK said...

WAW, you really hate AI so much but I think your not really viewing things from her point because you dislike her character and that's not a problem .As for me I do pity Ai a lot because she's destroying herself on purpose ,her actions might not be right as she lied a lot and hurted Nobuse but I think that Ai hates herself for this very much and her telling Nobuse that she doesn't deserve him is a sign of her guilt ..

I've just got myself into watching this show..

Stephen Wrighton said...

I understand her POV intellectually, but I just can't empathize with it and that's what makes me dislike her.

Yes, she's destroying herself on purpose, and the only thing that redeems her is that she does come out and admit to Nobuse how much she hurt him.

Frankly, it's a testament to Nobuse that he still wants/accepts her.

JK said...

Yes ,it's just a matter of opinion's and I understand your's ..

After re-watching this show ,I have a better understanding of her character .Her love for Shin
was destructive and unhealthy .It was unhealthy not because of her feelings for shin but because of her actions/mistakes to make shin love her.

That rejection was needed for her to open her eyes to reality but it was also too painful for her as she lost her pride and morals and like you said ,no one wouid ever accept a demorilized girl .It's also true that Nobuse got hurt but it was not just him ,she too got very hurt ,both suffered a lot and not just Nobuse .

She loved Shin very much but not in the same way Nobuse loved her,Nobuse's love was pure and strong but her love for Shin was dark,paiful and full of lies/self loathing and she was fantasing a bout Shin which is the only reason why I feel for her because her love for Shin made her more selfish and she ended up making up fatal mistake's because of it .Lying to not just Nobuse but Shin,to blackmailing and even going as far as assulting Shin .It's very true she did all this and some say she deserves what she got but in the end ,she really is just a victim of love and her destiny was so crul and unkind and she felt guilty for all of this ,and I wouid she was even pleased with her rejection because she got to fix herself .A monster wouidn't have felt guilt ..

It's true that Nobuse didn't deserve any of this (In fact no body does)and he was a better man (a much better person than her like many wouid say)and many ppl like yourself wanted him to be happy and for her to end in a nice boat style .Nobuse's main problem was that he choose to love a messed up /twisted girl who was not happy with herself ,Her love for Shin couidn't make her happy,Nobuse's love couidn't make her happy because of her guilt from what she did .She just coudn't be happy .

Weather it's Shin or Nobuse ,she won't be happy .Both guys made her feel guilty ,both were burden on her heart .How couid she have loved Nobuse while feeling guilty for him at the sametime.Asking for this is a bit too much on my opinin ..

Frankly, it's a testament to Nobuse that he still wants/accepts her.

I agree with this as well but this is like your saying she's an evil /bitch a but I also think it's for her own good and not just Nobuse ,she didn't get this ending for nothing .She's apologized ,moved on from Shin and fixed her mistakes.Why only have Nobuse happy and not her even after fixing herself?.I don't really think she's a bad person though ,she was just conflicted and mady some very very bad mistakes but her going back to Nobuse showed us that she had a good/kind side to her character as well .

Sorry I wrote too much though ,You might disagree with lot's of this but it's just an opinion ..

Stephen Wrighton said...

Actually, I agree with almost everything you wrote there. I dislike her character. And that's because of the actions which she performed. Much the same way, I would dislike any girl who treated me or any other male in that same fashion (and on the reverse, males who treat girls like such).

And, I think that Ai does a lot to redeem her character when she breaks up with Nobuse, and then they start going out for real--in a relationship that they begin because she wants to be with him, as opposed to using him to get nearer to Shin.

I enjoyed the ultimate result of Ai's character arc, even while disliking her character during her arc with Shin--if that makes sense...

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