Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm so disturbed....

One of my friends from TFN's boards, Thrawn McEwok pointed me towards Britney's new video. He's aware of my interest in animated fare, and thought it might interest me. After all, it is animated. Well, when I got home tonight, I loaded it up, and brought my beloved wife in to watch it along-side of me.

Her first thought upon seeing it was "well, if you can't look good in real videos, make an animated one."

While that is a reasonable response, I had a more despairing one. At least to the otaku in me.

If you've read this blog more than once, you've probably realized that I like my cartoons, especially those of the Japanese variety which the video in question is attempting to emulate. Likewise, I don't take special care to hide the fact that I watch anime. I enjoy it, and I'm not ashamed of it--regardless of how often my beloved laughs at my little obsessions.

Prior to this video's release, conversations about this would go like this:
Me: I watch anime.
Unwashed Masses: Isn't that all tentacle porn?
Me: No!
UM: Oh, well I don't watch cartoons, they're just for kids.

I've become use to this particular response. One can almost expect and be comforted by the inanity of those not involved in fandoms. I can even almost hear how they use the word cartoon as an expletive. Yet I now have a fear. I deep-seated horror which chills to the very core of my body, almost as if Cthulhu was there and feasting upon my marrow. I can imagine sometime in the near future, a conversation going along these lines:

Me: I watch anime.
Unwashed Masses: Oh? You mean like in Britney's new video?
I would then be honor bound to beat them about the head with the nearest stick I could find. Probably more than once. I can already see me pining for the days when the unwashed masses could only complain about tentacle porn and the unsustainable belief that all instances of animated video entertainment are just for kids.

Of course I am here blogging about it...

What's sadder is that I Know I would have embeded the YouTube video if they hadn't disabled embedding for her channel.

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