Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Monday! Time for me to ramble a bit...

Well, here it is on this surprisingly cold, post-Easter morning. I'm still not used to waking in the morning, and seeing that the current temperature is 40F, the high for the day is to be 60F yet tomorrow both of those will be ten degrees higher. It just doesn't seem right for some reason.

Oh well.

If you're paying attention, you'll see that I pushed out an episode review for H20, as well as the book review for Darth Bane: Rule of Two. Additionally, I've finally finished reading Revelations (the first time I read it was while riding the waves of my pain medications, and upon sitting down to read the book, realized that I couldn't remember enough of it to write a fair review).

I'm probably going to be a day or so late getting my episode review of True Tears out, which of course means that Kimikiss will be pushed back a day as well.

In television news, Jericho is not getting picked up for a third season, and this is the last season for Battlestar Galactica. Of course, I don't watch TV so that really doesn't have all that much of a bearing on me.

Movies and books, I've got nothing new to report. Sadly, as I could use another new book.

But I've got to say, I did see the trailer for the Wachosky Brothers' take on Speed Racer and I'm actually excited and interested in it. I can see my beloved wife shuddering at this announcement, but hey, she loves me and she'll suffer for my sake.

Or she'll send me to the movie theater by myself.

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