Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life goes on...

Well, lo and behold, after two weeks of meds followed by a visit from my elder brother, I am now nearly back on track. I'll spend the rest of this week getting caught back up, and will resume episodic blogging of the animes come this Sunday. True Tears episode 11 will be the next one, and I'll probably be just letting the missed shows get themselves skipped.

Anyways, a lot has happened in these past two weeks. Most important is displayed for all the world to see in the image to the left there. Yes, that's my boy and one of the neighborhood kids in my backyard smacking each other around with lightsabers. Then, when my brother an his family were here earlier in the week, the eldest and their son went out back there and did the same.

It makes me so proud to know that I'm raising him nice and geeky.

And it's not just my eldest son that I've been corrupting. While my brother was here, I managed to drag him down to the Barnes & Nobles that's closing, and convinced him of the joy of purchasing his first Star Wars novel. Then after a short knowledge dump about SQL Server Express, I showed him around the Anime fansubs and other things I do online. He seemed interested, so maybe, just maybe, I've brought another person over to the dark side of severe geek fandom. Ahh, good times.

And speaking of corruption, my beloved wife actually played my Wii. She had instant fun in bowling--not so much in boxing. It really does bring a tear to ones eye when one is vindicated in such a way.

As for the whole basket of anime that I've been trying to catch up on and consume, I am somewhat shocked at how True Tears has been going on up until episode 10. Both this show and KimiKiss are surprising me in the various twists and turns that they're taking. Which is a good thing. Additionally, I'm eagerly awaiting the start of the new Macross series. I also managed to watch Appleseed in its entirety and was thoroughly entertained--as was my beloved wife who watched most of it. Now, I just need to go rent the sequel that came out on the eleventh.

I am more hesitant over the upcoming live-action Star Wars television show. A feeling which the folks at are also feeling, as they were led to post an article on what they want to see and not see in it.

Well, that's me at the moment, and like I said, expect a True Tears episode summary Sunday night.

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