Sunday, March 23, 2008

Review: H20 - Footprints in the Sand, Episode 12

My Thoughts:
Okay, my thoughts mainly revolve around a big "What was that?" It was disjointed, and odd. An incredibly unsatisfying end to the series. Additionally, it's jumpy for a single episode.

Sure, it was fun to see Hotaru get the jump on the old guy, but I was still wanting to see him get stoned or something.

Sure, it was fun to...

Well, actually, I can't think of anything else fun about the episode.

It's hard to talk about this episode without delving into spoilers, and while I'm fine with spoilers being in the episode summary (that's what it's there for after all) I try to shy from them here. And to let you know how hard it is, I've had to delete a four or five paragraphs from this spot, three different times.

I'm going to sleep on this, and try and get the review for the entire series up soon. Maybe that'll help me make sense of all of this.

Episode Summary:
Takuma stops the village elder from shooting Hayami, as he screams things about protecting his mom. A few moments later, Hotaru shows up, and tells her grandfather that she's done called the police. We then find out that Takuma has gone somewhat coco for cocoa puffs, and thinks he's a child and Hayami is his mom. So, in order to fix this, Takuma and Hayami are off to Tokyo.
So, while Hayami is playing mom, we find out all sorts of oddball things while a song plays in the background.

Finally, Hayami lets go of Takuma's hand in order to go to get some idiot kid off the train tracks, and Takuma remembers taht his mom didn't commit suicide. Rather she was running off after some other idiot kid. Once he's accepted that, he regaisn his sight and his mental age, just in time to witness Hayami get smacked by the train.

We peek in on everyone and realize that it's been a few years. Takuma's back in the village, and he's building a windmill on the hill where he met Hayami. Otoha pops up and tackles him and starts muttering oddball things about the Spirit Council. Then she runs away.

Right after that Hayami comes strolling up, and the two have some odd Kodak moment.

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