Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring is in the Anime...

Ah, anime, that wonderful time-sink which allows me to watch pretty cartoons. I still don't see why my beloved doesn't like it. I mean it's cartoons. What's not to like. Anyways, there's been some interesting tidbits popping up about anime recently. Of most interest to me, is the fact that a second season of CLANNAD is coming out, with this season being based on the AFTER STORY portion of the game. I'm all sorts of happy about that.

Second, anime blog a geek by any other name tells us that BOST TV will be releasing DRM-Free anime episodes. Anytime someone wants to release something without DRM it makes me happy. As a consumer, I despise DRM. It's evil I say... evil! Amusingly enough as a programmer I feel much the same way.

Anyways, here is the current lineup for animes that should be appearing this spring (and this data is from A Geek By Any Other Name's cheat sheet):

NameGenreMy thoughts
Allison to LilliaShounen/ AdventureSeems interesting
AmatsukiFantasyI'm kind of hesitant about this one.
Blue Dragon Tenkou no Shichi RyuuShounen/ ActionOh no....
Code Geass R2Mech/ DramaThe first season was good, so I'll give it a try
Crystal BlazeSci-Fi/ ActionJust sounds odd.
D.C.II S.S. Da Capo II Second SeasonMoe/ RomanceBleh...
Druaga no Tou ~the Aegis of URUK~Fantasy/ Adventureerr...
FireballKids/ CGNo!
Golgo 13Actionyet more bleh...
Himitsu ~Top Secret~Sci-Fi/ ActionIt has some promise, but I don't think so.
Itazura na KissShoujo/ RomanceMore fun drama.
Junjou RomanticaShoujo/ Boys LoveNo. Just no.
KaibaSci-Fi*shrugs* It's SF so I've gotta give it a try.
Kamen no Maid GuyComedyI'll try, but I don't see me sticking with it.
KanokonShounen/ RomanceThe Manga is a fun ride
Kyou Kara Maou 3rd SeasonComedyMore Bleh.
Kyouran Kazoku NikkiComedyI've seen worse plot descriptions
Macross FRONTIERMechI'm so there!
Monochrome FactorAction/ FantasyAgain, No.
Nabari no OuAction/ FantasyStill no.
Nijuu Mensou no MusumeAction/ MysteryShould be interesting.
Penguin Musume ♥ HeartComedy/ GagUhm.... I'm thinking no....
RD Sennou ChousashitsuSci-FiI'm so wanting to see this...
S.A. ~Special A~Romance / Reverse Harem*shrugs* I doubt it
Soul EaterShounen/ FantasyOh yeah! This has potential.
To LOVEruShounen/ Romantic ComedyIt sounds a bit like a half dozen previous animes, so I guess we'll have to see.
Toshokan SensouAction/ ComedyShould be fun.
Vampire KnightShoujo/ FantasyI'm kind of scared...
Wagaya no OinarisamaFantasyuhm.... I'm thinking no....
xxxHOLiC KeiFantasyI'll give an episode or 2 a try.

So, that's what I have to look forward to starting in April. I'm especially excited about the new Macross.

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