Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday's fun for rambling.

Sad news, apparently the last of the Great SF Trinity, Arthur C. Clarke, has now passed on. It is a sad week of course, but the guy was 90. He is probably the greatest of that era's futurists, imagining things such as communications satellites. Yet, the question that runs through my mind, is if my beloved will read one of his novels (luckily I have Against the Fall of Night on my bookshelf) in honor of his life, the way she read A Wrinkle in Time after Mrs. L'Engle died.

Beyond those thoughts though, is that I watched Enchanted the other night. I must say that that was probably one of the most enjoyable movies I've watched in a while. I absolutely adored it.

Then last night, I was scrolling through the list of channels and saw something. Boomerang was playing Voltron. I was in utter shock and awe and just KNEW I had to watch. I mean it's Voltron--giant mechanical lions, a Liberace-based baddie, suits which appeared to be an influence for Space Balls, and how can we forget the intelligent alien mice?

While the animation is not nearly as pretty as today's standards, I still found myself happy and giddy over just the thought of getting to watch it.

But let's seriously bring up the most important question of the series: why didn't they just go ahead form Voltron and use the stupid sword right from the start whenever a new robeast popped up.

Beyond Enchanted and Voltron, I find myself seriously lacking in SF. Mainly because we're doing work on the house. Our foyer is going from this red color to a wonderful blue color and I'm staining our new kitchen table. Of course, those tasks are their own type of fun.

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