Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday's are for Remakes

Woah. Just woah.


I say that, because remakes of classic '80's trash-sf is heading our way. Up first, is a remake of the time-traveling dipsticks, Bill and Ted. Yes, the Keanu Reaves Bill and Ted. I cringe at the very thought of such things.

But it gets better. And actually, this time, I'm not being facetious. They're also plans for either a remake or another sequel for Short Circuit. Truth be told, this actually has the possibility for being a good thing. Rampaging, sentient robots are always fun.

Of course, it could be utterly sucktastic as well. After all, one only has to look towards all the OTHER remakes that have been produced in the past few years to realize that.

Which brings up the point of why on earth are the studios making so many remakes these days. Back in the eighties, you never saw remakes. You got whole swatches of brand new movies. Sure, some of them were things like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure or Earth Girls are Easy. But, then there was also some awesome things like Blade Runner and Ice Pirates.

The point is that they made new things. They went and got stories that hadn't been told before and made us movies out of them.

And it's not like there aren't any SF things out there. Just quickly glancing through my recent reading list, you could make any of the following into movies:

  • Hal Spacejock (I'd SO pay to see this ironic farce on the big screen (oh, yeah, and sequels!))
  • Tremaire (and sequels!)
  • Agent to the Stars
  • Old Man's War (and sequels!)
  • Cell
  • Scroogled (It'd need a bit more fleshing out, but it so could work)
I could go on, (especially with the concept of live-actioning manga or anime) but one gets the picture.

Alas, I fear we shall have to suffer such travesties for the time being.

BUT I do have good news. Cartoon Network has begun letting little details spill about the upcoming Clone Wars series from Lucas. Specifically, that it will be a part of a programming block that airs on Friday nights, also featuring a new Batman series and the upcoming new Ben 10 series. I'm actually excited about all three of them.

The final bit of interesting, and good news, is reported here. Basically, the anime studio Gonzo, is releasing BLASSREITER and Tower of Druaga ~Aegis of URUK~ as low-def downloads, complete with English subtitles almost immediately after they are aired in Japan.

I like this. One of my biggest complaints about anime--especially purchasing them as DVDs--is the fact that one doesn't know what one is getting. Not every series that is available on DVD is aired. One often doesn't know what a series is or is about. Unlike say, purchasing a DVD of Gilmore Girls or one of the many, many Law and Orders, where you've been bombarded with the episodes on broadcast and cable television over and over again for the past decade.

Anyways, back to the thought above, and remakes, I do have something of a confession.

There are some remakes that I like.

Yes, I can admit it. I enjoyed, quite a lot, the Lost in Space remake. I don't know why, but I just enjoyed it. My least favorite remake though, would have to be The Dukes of Hazard. I loved that show growing up, and what was produced earlier in this millenium in that movie made me cringe and weep with horror.

So, fearless readers, which recent remake of a classic movie or television series was your favorite and which was your least favorite.


Simon Haynes said...

Peter Jackson bought the rights to Temeraire a year or so back, so at least ONE of your wishes should come true ;-)

Stephen Wrighton said...

Really? I hadn't known that but it's good to hear. Mr. Jackson should be able to do good things with that series.

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