Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Friday!!!

So, It's Friday Morning, and the world is in a pretty satin bag, or something like that. Anyways, I had to turn my car over to those evil mechanic people so that they could charge me an exorbitant price to recharge my AC coolant. Remember those heady-days, pre-Big Brother (and not the CBS TV show) when folks could recharge their own AC units? Ah, Big Government, making sure you don't do what you need to.

Enough about my complaints regarding dystopian leftist governments, let's talk about what's bringing folks here.

Currently, the top 5 search terms (for the past week) are:

  • h20 Footprints in the Sand episode 12
  • scream noise
  • h20 footprints in the sand episode list
  • i am legend bob marley quote
  • kimikiss pure rouge episode 17
Not bad. The anime stuff brings a goodly number of folks, as does the I Am Legend review. What's odd is the number 2 there "scream noise." I'm almost scared to ask what that's about. I know what post it's directing to--it's the one about the ultimate Millennium Falcon Lego set. Yet I never thought folks would come here due to that search term. Alas.

Anyways, it's the new anime season, and I'm in the midst of determining what I'll shall be reviewing this time around. So far, this is the list that I've watched, and my thoughts on things.

BLASSREITER - I can admit I just didn't like this episode. I'm not sure why, the premise it's built on is solid, and I SHOULD like it, but it just didn't click.

Code Geass R2 - This was as fun as season 1. Of course everyone and their brother are going to be reviewing it, so I doubt I will as well.

Kanokon -- Kanokon the manga was a fun little read. This was disjointed and filled with over-the-top fanservice. I seriously doubt I'll give episode 2 a chance even.

Kurenai -- My initial thought on reading the plot synopsis was that I'd be bored with this. I mean it's almost like a serious version of Hayate according tot he plot. Yet it was actually a decent first episode. I'll probably pick this one up as something that I review.

Macross FRONTIER - Whee!! MACROSS!!!! [fanboi drool] *ahem* This had pretty pictures and a great storyline. Though I liked the release around Christmas time better than this one.

S.A. ~Special A~ -- I tried to watch this. I really did. Yet the CLAMP-like designs made it sooo hard. I don't know why, but that whole over-elongated limb thing just distracts me way too much from the story.

Soul Eater -- I really liked this. Sure, the character and setting designs are off-kilter, but that's part of the fun.

To LOVEru -- This is heading towards becoming a typical harem/slice-of-life anime similar to Tenchi. It's not bad, and I'll probably pick it up in my list of things I review.

Vampire Knight -- This was fun. Sure, it's all emo and angst and soap opera, but it has pretty pictures and an interesting set up. I mean it's a school for vampires, and there are 2 humans who have to protect the vampires and the regular students from each other.

So, as it stands, expect episode reviews from at least one of the following:
  • Kurenai
  • Soule Eater
  • To LOVEru
  • Vampire Knight
I don't want to take all of them, because there's things I'm waiting on in the next week or so that I want to give a chance to first.

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