Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, Monday Everywhere....

Yes, another weekend has stumbled past, and I'm in full on geek mode. First, I'm hoping to see the Death Note live action movie this Wednesday evening. That looks sooo cool.

Next, one of my bosses at work pointed this little gem of awesomeness my direction. It's a sweet video of the R2-D2 A/V projector. Appropriate drooling needs to be inserted here. A quick peek over at reveals that it's running right a $3000, an awesome price for one of these things, as a standard A/V projector with all the inputs this thing has would be between $2000 and $2500.

But speaking of merchandising and things that I would buy, I need to talk about my collection. I love my Star Wars, and if I could, I would buy every item that every had a Star Wars logo slapped onto its side. I'd go silly over the Star Wars Droid soap dispensers from Japan.

I mean, how cool are those things?

Anyways, the things that I focused the most (at least for myself--I'll buy my kids the Galactic Heroes figures and regular action figures till the cows come home) are the statuettes and Lego sets. While my tendency has been to only purchase Star Wars items, loving happily on my Unleashed series (I'm still sad that they are no longer creating the large version of those figures).

Yet, I found something NEW to love on, and something else which I must struggle against the almost instinctive urge of an otaku to purchase items. What this new thing for me is the simple fact that the Japanese love their statuettes. And that they create statuettes our of all these animes that I adore. The three below are from Macross, Kanon and Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Like I said, it's something new for me to fight against the urge to purchase at random. Oh well.

The final thing I did this weekend was that I took my son to see Speed Racer on Saturday afternoon. Despite the bad reviews this thing is getting, both me and my son loved it.

Sure, it's bright, colorful, stylized, and filled with pretty people, but let's remember something here: it's based on an anime. They're bright, colorful, stylized and filled with pretty people.

Of course it was nearly as much fun to watch my son as he watched the movie. He'd jump and bounce as the crowds in the movie jumped and screamed for Speed Racer, and he'd gasp and be appropriate shocked in all the right spots.

Speaking of my son, this morning he pulled out all of his Galactic Heroes and was playing with them. There he was, sitting on the rug in the living room, surrounded by all of the Galactic Heroes figures, and methodically picking through them to pull out all the Stormtroopers.
My wife came in, and asked what he was doing, and he replied, "I'm getting the Stormtroopers."

The long-suffering wife, nodded her head, and pointed at one of the figures. "Well, there's one."

My son looked at the pointed to figure, and then theaterically sighed. "Mommy," he says, his voice pained and filled with the same tones that I use when dealing with someone I feel should know something. "That's a Snowtrooper, not a Stormtrooper."

My wife looked around, and then pointed towards another figure; this time the AT-AT pilot. "Well, what about that one?"

My son looked at it, and shook his head, before saying, "That's not a Stormtrooper either."

By this point, my wife was confused, because she doesn't know the fact that AT-AT pilots are Imperial Army while Stormtroopers are members of the Stormtrooper Corps. Regardless, she was not to be outdone by our precocious five-year old. So, spying two Stormtroopers, in full Stormtrooper armor, she watched as he pushed past them, not once, but twice.

Finally, she pointed them out to our son.

He looked down at them for a moment, and then gave another of those long-suffering sighs as he shook his head slightly. Lifting his eyes towards my wife, he then said, "But Mommy, those are good guys. You can take off their helmets."

At this point, my beloved wife gave up and came into the bedroom where I was hiding during this exchange. She stared at me for a few moments, and then declared, "Well, I hope you're happy now?"

"Happy?" I queried innocently.

"Yes," she replied. "All I wanted was a boy that was into sports and cowboys and things like that. But is that what I get? Nooo! I hope that you get the card, or the special handshake or whatever it is you get for raising yet another SciFi fanatic."

How can one not laugh at that?

So, without further ado, I present to myself, the Baby Vader Award for Raising Another Geek.So, does anyone else have any stories where their significant other gave up any hope of having a socially normal child, and finally accepted the overwhelming fact that you've brought yet another geek into the world?

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