Monday, June 16, 2008

I have arrived!

Somehow, I feel like I've arrived.

For those of you who somehow just don't know (despite Hallmark's and Wal-Marts best efforts) Sunday was Father's Day.

Now, I personally feel no need to get rewarded with gifts or other such things on Father's Day as I am a Father because I want to be--not because I expect some reward. I know that over all it's a thankless job and that my kids will come to think me foolish and out of touch in a decade.

After all, they are way to much like me to NOT do so.

Yet, receiving a tie for the day just has so many... connections (thought I was gonna say 'ties' didn't you?) to the traditional concept of Father's Day. In fact, if you Google for "traditional Father's Day gifts" all the search results talk about ties. I guess this is made especially poignant after my high score in the "30's Husband" poll from my last post.

Like I said, somehow I feel like I have arrived.

Yet, because it is Father's Day there was a number of posts concerning dads. One that attracted my Beloved Wife's eye though was one which referenced both Star Wars and a cartoon (The Simpson's to be precise). The article Homer Simpson or Darth Vader - what kind of dad are you? discusses politics and then has a poll which tries to take a humorous look at fathers. The answers give you a ranking between a British politician (David Cameron) and the Dark Lord of the Sith. Sadly, I can't see that much difference between a politician and Darth Vader, but that may be my own libertine proclivities coming to the fore.

Finally, on June 24 Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight goes on sale. This particular trilogy has been pushed off a number of times, and I for one have high hopes for it. Anyways, the back-cover text has been released and reads thus:

With the dark ascension of the Empire, and the Jedi Knights virtually wiped out, one Jedi who escaped the massacre is slated for a date with destiny–and a confrontation with Darth Vader.

Jax Pavan is one of the few Jedi Knights who miraculously survived the slaughter that followed Palpatine’s ruthless Order 66. Now, deep in Coruscant’s Blackpit Slums, Jax ekes out a living as a private investigator, trying to help people in need while concealing his Jedi identity and staying one step ahead of the killers out for Jedi blood. And they’re not the only ones in search of the elusive Jax. Hard-boiled reporter Den Dhur and his buddy, the highly unorthodox droid I-5YQ, have shocking news to bring Jax–about the father he never knew.

But when Jax learns that his old Jedi Master has been killed, leaving behind the request that Jax finish a mission critical to the resistance, Jax has no choice but to emerge from hiding–and risk detection by Darth Vader–to fulfill his Master’s dying wish.

Don’t miss the continuing adventures in the Coruscant Nights series, coming this Fall!

All I've got to say is that I've read better back cover blurbs. But it is great to see a non-Skywalker take center-stage for a novel series again. Now, if only it wasn't set during the Dark Times, but rather post-Return of the Jedi. Alas.

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