Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Soul Eater Episode 11

Frankly, I've been doing quite a bit of anime watching. What I've not been doing is reviewing it. I know that I stopped at the end of the last season, and it's something of a hassle to get started back up again.

Yet, here I am trying.

Anyways, Soul Eater 11 was the lucky series that I managed to watch this evening. It's the second part of a Tsubaki storyline dealing with her fight with the fey blade.

For those who don't know Soul Eater is a story about a school where weapons for Death (the embodiment, not the act) are trained. These weapons spend most of their time in their human form.

Anyways, I found myself really enjoying this episode. It was filled with, and dealt with the concepts of relationships. Specifically the relationship between Tsubaki and Black Star and Tsubaki and the Fey Blade (who happens to be her older brother).

The fun in this episode is quite frankly how Tsubaki deals with and interacts with each.

And boy, does she have a set of "angry eyes."

Anyways, that sense of relationship extends not only to Black Star and the Fey Blade but also goes on to deal with how Tsubaki and Black Star also interact and relate to the rest of the protagonists and cast.

For a shounen series which I've seen described as a mixture of Bleach and Dragon Ball this series has taken a decidedly shojou turn in its focus on relationships.

Good times, if one asks me.

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