Monday, June 2, 2008

What's wrong with you people....

Well, I know what's wrong with most of the readers of this blog. It's the same thing that's wrong with me: we're geeks.

How do I know this?

It's really quite simple. I know by how the blog is found.

Over the past 3 months, the top 10 search keywords which brought folks here were:

  1. Tahiri Veila
  2. True Tears episode 5
  3. scream noise
  4. True Tears episode 8
  5. I am Legend Bob Marley quote
  6. True Tears episode 4
  7. Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge episode 17
  8. True Tears episode 7
  9. Bob Marley quote I am Legend
  10. True Tears episode 6
Of course the oddest search query was the phrase "extensential tribal music." An odd turn of phrase, made even odder by the fact that I'm the sole return for it. Which also begs the question is "extensential" even a word.

Though, some of the things which popped up just yesterday are also decidedly different. Consider this list:
  • "Anakin's body" tahiri
  • ben tahiri scene invincible
  • episode by episode synopsis of pure 19
  • star wars galactic heroes episode 6
  • all now episod of h2o
Now, I know that I've written things on topics which could have a bearing on every one of those phrases, but still.

Of course, all this digression is just masking the fact that I'm busily ignoring my need to write more, thought-filled discussions for this blog. Sadly, I have a dozen reviews started that are hiding in Google Docs, and a good dozen unwatched anime sitting in my anime folder. While I do absolutely adore my new job, I do wish I had a bit more free time.

Oh well, maybe next week....

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