Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rambling Thoughts of an Archaic Mind

I think I like that title--maybe it's time for a new subtitle for this particular site. Anyways, onto the rambling of my mind for this lovely Monday morn.

First, I should probably apologize for neglecting things. I had all sorts of good intentions on blogging, and while I've put up a couple over at KrashPAD I've not really written anything in general. Call it a slump, or whatever, but there's just so many things pulling for attention--and in the case of my nearly 2 year old son, I mean that literally--that I've just not felt the urge to write.

Which is kind of sad as this has been a great summer for geeks. I mean it started out with Iron Man, whimpered through that Hulk movie, then we also got Hancock, The Dark Knight, Wall*E, Hellboy II and the summer is going to end with Star Wars: Clone Wars. And then there's the books. Noami Novak has released her first hard cover Tremaire novel (and it was a wonderful) Legacy of the Force has whimpered to a close, so Star Wars EU fans can once again hope for fantasy stories, and Cory Doctorow released Little Brother, which if you've not read you need to go do so right now.

Of course, that's not to say that everything is good. The aforementioned Hulk movie is one sign of ails amongst the Hollywood powers and the fact that they really have a hard time making decent movies. Then of course, there's things like Jedi Twilight. I'm still struggling through this book so I don't have a review yet, but quite frankly, the only thing I can think is "yawn."

But I'll get more on that once I finish the book.

Speaking of books, Pat's Fantasy Hotlist often runs contests where Patrick gives books away. Well, when he runs a contest for a book that I don't have, I'll enter it. Imagine my joy on Saturday while I was walking through my RSS feeds and saw that I had won a copy of By Schism Rent Asunder, the sequel to David Weber's Off Armaggedon Reef.

Which really made my day, as I was supposed to go see The Dark Knight, but didn't plan ahead and when I had arrived, they had sold out of tickets. Yet another reason to not go to a movie on opening weekend.

The final bit of news from my weekend was the Jackson Comiccon. A memorbilia and comic show which is effectively in its infancy. They had a decent turn out, a few 501st in costume, about 8 vendors (including 1 or 2 sketch artists) and the price was great at only a dollar. What they did lack though is a website. I had a hard time finding information about this, and if the Mandalorians hadn't had the information on their site, I wouldn't have known.

Oh well. Tonight I plan on watching Jumper, and then I'll be going to get the rest of season 1 of How I Met Your Mother. I can't believe that I haven't been watching that show for the past three years--as it's a great, great comedy.

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