Monday, August 25, 2008

Coasting on the beach

I've spent the last week at the beach. It's had its moments (such as the jetskis) but it was primarily a working retreat. Many, many hours of dealing with problems and other such things. What's this got to do with SF? Who knows, that's not really that important.

But I have watched a few movies this week. The closest that could be called SF would have to be the new WarGames movie. Which was basically the plot of the original with a few twists and turns in an effort to make it a brand new movie. It wasn't bad, just... it has the potential to create a franchise of these movies that could become formulaic. Basically if a WarGames 3 comes out and it's uses the exact same plot device to solve the problems, then they've got a problem on their hands.

Alas, it's all fun and good until they stop producing good SF.

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