Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amuri in Star Ocean Episode 1

I've stumbled upon what has to be the oddest SF series I've ever watched. I can admit that I pulled this down just because it was a #1. I had no idea what it was about, or even that it was a SF series.

It's definitely an odd beast, and the hook at the start pulled me in right away. I mean how many other series start off with blowing the narrator out into space. Now, ignoring the gross... disobedience to physics, There was one thing that really impressed me.

The sheer number of explosions.

I mean every time you turned around, there was another one. A big boom. It was great. Explosions at the beginning, explosions through out the middle, and even bigger ones at the end.

From my guess, that's what this whole OVA is about. Pretty explosions.

Well, either that or silly outfits.

It's kind of a toss up at this point.

And yes, that is a snorkel. Well, it's a mixture of a snorkel and a PEZ dispenser.

Y'know, the more I write about this, the sadder that I am that I watched all of it.

Anyways here's the plot synopsis from ANN's Encyclopedia:

In the year 01 of the new age, the sun began to radiate increased amounts of radiation. A few years later, very strong children with unique abilities were born. Amuri Kakyoin is a 13 year old girl born with a special 'Allergy', called 'Repultion'. This ability keeps her from actually touching most of her environment, but also protects her from harm. During a trip to space station Pink Coral, unknown enemies from the junk planet Galapagos attack and destroy the entire space station. Amuri survives being launched into space because of her 'Allergy', but is picked up by the attackers. When the machines of Galapagos attempt to destroy her, a girl named Suzu Ling Yunque shows up with a kimono-like space suit designed from Amuri's DNA. The suit lets her use her 'Repulsion' ability on a large scale. Amuri has lived her whole life unable to touch other people, however, this cheerful and strange girl was not Repulsed upon contact.

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