Saturday, October 11, 2008

ToraDora Episode 2

My Thoughts
I'm still a tad hesitant about this show, as it's shaping up to be a fairly formulaic romantic-comedy. Nothing that we haven't seen before. But what gets this one the most points is the simple fact that it is funny.

Yes, I can admit I actually laughed at this episode. Out loud.

So, from that simple thing (that it made me laugh) I think I'll continue watching. Plus it should be interesting to see who ends up with who at the end. Which is why these things keep getting made.

Episode Summary

The episode starts out with the classic misunderstanding when Minori sees Taiga and Ryūji walking to school together. Later on, the two begin their plan to get Taiga and Kitamura together, and their first effort involves Ryūji beaning Kitamura's gym partner wtih a ball.

Which doesn't go well.

Their next bit is cookiees.

Which again doesn't go well.

So, while Taiga is being all emo over these failures, Ryūji cheers her up. An action which has the unforeseen consequences of the class coming to the conclusion that they're dating now.

Once that rumor gets into play, Taiga tells Ryūji that she'd confess in the morning, and that they no longer have to be friends. An action which depresses Ryūji's mom, and bothers Ryūji himself. The next day at school, Taiga takes the initiative and fusses at everyone for the rumor, then goes to Minori to tell her that the rumor wasn't true before finding Kitamura and confessing to him.

Ryūji happens to overhear the confession, and the resulting turn down from Kitamura--mainly because Kitamura also sees what everyone in their class BUT Ryūji and Taiga see. The episode ends with those two skipping school so that Ryūji can make Taiga a meal.

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