Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Resolutions Recap

About this time last year I wrote out 10 New Years Resolutions, an action (as described on my blog) which was effectively the first time I had ever done such a thing. Well, that particular page on my website got a hit on it for the first time in months (~11.5 months to be exact) so I thought that since it is time to be creating new ones that I should review those and see just how well I did on them.

  1. Get back into drawing. I know that I've been telling myself this one for years, but it's something that I really want to get back into. My goal is that for this time next year, I'll have the start of a web-comic in place. This got ignored. Flat out, I didn't even pick up a drawing pencil they way I wanted to.
  2. Original Fic. I will finish my original fiction story. Another thing ignored. Jeez, I'm not exactly on a role here. But at least on this one I did add a few hundred words before promptly forgetting it.
  3. Lose 30 lbs. I'm nearing 200lbs these days. Sitting at a desk, being happily married, such things are anathema to maintaining ones weight. Somehow, I will find the time to lose that weight. Which means I'll probably have to get up at 5:30 or some similar God forsaken hour and go running. While this did not get ignored, I didn't lose the 30 lbs. What happened is I actually hit the 205 lbs mark, and then started working out (at the forsaken hour of 6am) and got back down to 193 lbs before the freezing temperature made getting out of bed too much trouble.
  4. Write more for my other blogs. I need to produce more content for both my programming blog and the KrashPAD, and I need to do so without sacrificing content that is generated for No Krakana. Either that or fold everything into one blog. That was something I really had not wanted to do, as I like the thematic separation which distinct blogs provides. Well, I wrote a little bit, but in the end my word count for 2008 across all my blogs was less than the previous year. Hopefully, this is changing now. Still, I'm not folding everything into a single blog, though I'm considering some type of meta-site type concept which would give all my blogs a unified look and feel as well as top level links to one another...
  5. Read the NJO in order from the beginning. Does one really need to explain Star Wars? This I did
  6. Get a pay raise. What can I say, I like money. I did this one as well.
  7. Finish unpacking. We still have boxes hanging out in the garage. I need all of those things out of there, so I can start parking in there, and so we can get a deep freezer. I'm parking in the garage, but we're still not done.
  8. Convince my wife of the need to have a Star Wars ForceFX Lightsaber for the mantle. Yes, I know that I'm dreaming of this one, but hey, I can resolve myself to try, right? My lovely, beautiful, smart and incredibly clever wife did get me one of these things for Christmas this year. Still haven't convinced her that the mantle is the correct place for it though...
  9. Finish my programming project. This one means a lot to me, I have got to get this done, which means I need to focus time to it. Actually, this got put off, as the man with the business knowledge that it was related to realized that he had some fundamental flaw in his concepts and was not able to rectify the issues.
  10. Find a trustworthy baby sitter. I can admit that we're a bit... protective of our kids. Regardless of that, we need to find ourselves someone's teenage daughter that we trust enough to watch our monsters so we can have the occasional night out. How else am I going to get to see all those SF movies that are appearing in theaters over the next year. Well, it wasn't a teenage daughter that showed up, but rather my Mother-in-law got stationed at DHQ here in Jackson, so I guess that counts as a success.

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