Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best of 2008 - Television

This time around, there was a clear, simple, hands-down winner. We're talking no-contest territory here. Despite my love for Sanctuary, the Middleman has it beat every which way and twice on Sundays.

The Middleman & Wendy WatsonSure, it started its life out as a comic book, but truthfully that just made it all the better. It was a smart, funny, and fun series. Sure, the effects were a bit daft at times but ultimately that didn't much matter. After all, the absurdity, comedy and just flat out great writing of the show begged you to suspend your disbelief in that regard.

Now here's the thing about the Middleman, it was a good enough show to get me to remind my wife that it was time to watch an episode. That alone tells pretty much anyone who knows me just how good I think this show is.

And to put it into perspective, I DVR episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and sometimes leave them waiting there for days (or in the case of the Jar-Jar episode two weeks). Sanctuary does get watched the week it airs, but I usually need to be reminded about it by my beautiful wife.

Now, the bad news about this is that they're not certain if they are going to get the green light to produce a second season. Which utterly flummoxed me, and makes me wonder just what the folks over at ABC Family are thinking. I mean, it's supposed to be Fox's thing to destroy wonderful geek-fare on TV.

Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if they did something stupid like base it on sales of the DVD--if that even gets produced. Sometimes, the things they do to us that like genre items makes me wonder why I couldn't geek out about one of those odd sports things...

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