Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

The child in me, like in most of us, loves Christmas. I mean it's a time of the year that just appeals to those base natures we all hold within us: greed, gluttony, sloth, & envy. The adult in me rails against it emphasizing the other components of the season (joy, generosity, caring, & fellowship), because I know that without that counterpoint, that's half the 7 deadly sins right there bundled into a nice, little holiday package (complete with blinking lights).

But as I said, the child in me loves it.

And I fear that my beloved wife encourages it.

After all, she gives me the best gifts out there. Case in point, this year's gift: the ForceFX Lightsaber. I've got to admit that this was a "sqeee" worthy gift.

Now, if only she hadn't made me go on a treasure hunt to find it. But that's okay, I'm patient and creative, so I'll come up with some fun way to return that particular favor.

As it stands, I'm happy about the gift. Okay, I'm really, really, happy about the gift. And every time I turn it on and it lights up both my boys come running to see it as well.

Gotta love raising up two brand, spanking new Geeks.

Which brings me to what the boys got for Christmas. The eldest received a Rancor, Jedi Secura's starfighter and then a host of other figures. The younger got a number of the Galactic Heroes, including Vader's Tie-Advanced, and a Jabba play set (it's odd to see a cute representation of the "vile gangster" Jabba the Hutt).

What we did give to the both of them though were the Christmas stocking stuffer versions of the Galactic Heroes figures. This is the cuteness of the figures coupled with adorable Christmas motifs attached--when I first saw I knew I must provide them to my children.

I love being a parent, especially at Christmas. After all it means I can get my boys all these geek toys and then play with them.

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