Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions 2009

As noted earlier, someone taking a glance at my 2008 resolutions has made me realize just how much I've ignored that particular list. Of course, I think that's a part of the whole concept of New Years Resolutions.

Anyway, after much soul searching (oddly enough the same amount of time it took me to walk from my desk, get a drink and sit back down) I've managed to pull up a brand new list of 10 resolutions for 2009! After all, the way I figure it, the sooner I get them written down, the sooner I can start ignoring them.

Well, without further ado, here they are:

  1. Get my weight down to ~160lbs. This is simple to understand. I did a decent job on it until the cold kept me in my beds on those early mornings, so once again when the mornings start to warm, I hope to go out there and start working out again.
  2. Settle my finances. This is a bit harder to understand, as it's multi-faceted. I know I need to cut back on our spending, especially in the "going out for food" department. But this allow relates back to keeping an eye on my 401K better than I have in the past, and I want to start investing money in other options as well.
  3. Love more. Despite my contention in #2, I want to start having "date nights" at least once a month with my beloved wife. It's been much more haphazard and random in the past, and I want to make sure that she gets a decent amount of my time, especially with all the other demands I have on it.
  4. Get a new PC. I know this seems to be in direct contradiction to my resolution number 2, but I do have a valid reason for wanting it.
  5. Program more. This is the primary reason I'm wanting it. I have a couple of little things I program as vehicles to push my skill set, and to keep those skills I'm not currently using up-to-date. I need to spend a bit more time in them.
  6. Write more. This is the second reason I'm wanting it. I'm hoping to get my daily word count (over all blogs, and fiction writing) to 1500 words a day. Which isn't that much if you consider that a good blog entry can easily net 600-800 words.
  7. Get 10K reputation at Stack Overflow & post at least weekly on "A Programmer's Dream." This may seem like an odd one, but I want to become better known within my professional field--and I think these are two vehicles to do that on an international scale
  8. Start & become active in the local .NET User's Group. This is related back to #7. I want to be active, and known, in my field professionally. The User's Group would be helpful in this.
  9. Travel more. This is actually my wife's idea, as she wants to take some weekend, or three-day trips with the boys. Though I despise traveling, I know that those long trips my parents took me on are a big part of why I am who I am.
  10. Do more art stuff. I'm not just talking about getting out my pencils and drawing again, but I also want to do get back into photography.

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