Monday, January 5, 2009

The Return of Monday Morning Rambling...

Well, in an effort to increase the number of words I am writing on a daily basis, I've decided that I once again need to do my weekly state of me blogging where I ramble about whatever flights of fancy happen to flicker across my awareness as they relate to my geekiness.

Unfortunately, I chose the middle of winter, when genre seems to slip off into dreamland, to do this. That's not to say that there are not a number of fun genre things going on. Case in point, Cartoon Network's Brave and the Bold and Star Wars: The Clone Wars had a new episode this past Friday.

Fun as always, but not exactly as stimulating as a good book or movie or even anime.

Speaking of movies though, I have been bothered slightly by something recently. Well, not so much bothered, as confounded. Make no mistake, I'm enjoying all these movies about the genre. Batman, Superman, Harry Potter, and all those other franchises which are built around pre-existing characters. They're fun and I do adore them.

Yet, where's the new stuff? The last truly new genre film that I can recall was Sunshine and I think that was based off a novella. And if it was, we'd have to go back to the Matrix or the Fifth Element.

But ultimately that's just not that important. I know I can give my kids the fundamental genre concepts needed for them to enjoy these shows. Frankly, they're already geek enough to do so.

Oh well. I do have one thing to admit, and that there's an aspect of my geekness which has faltered. Sure, it was the one area which I was never overtly active in (at least not to the level as some). I am talking about games (probably the major geek area not touched on in my recent Best of 2008 series of posts).

After the dismal introduction (and that's even before the draconian DRM) of Spore and the underwhelming response of The Force Unleashed, there was literally not another game on the shelves I was looking forward too. I did manage to get the Star Wars: Clone Wars Lightsaber game, but to be honest I wasn't following it with excitement or hope. I purchased it because I thought it would be fun to play it with my boys--and it is.

That said, I've not stumbled onto an upcoming video game which I am following with a hint of excitement. I am talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is a MMORPG set thousands of years prior to Star Wars: A New Hope. I have high hopes here, and am really, really hoping that this is the game that Galaxies should have been.

Now, to just convince my beautiful wife that it would be a good thing to get the monthly subscription for it.

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