Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rideback - episode 2

My Thoughts
The second episode cements that this is going to be a sports/mecha show, at least for the first few episodes, as we focus on what the Ridebacks can do. I have faith that we'll be going into more standard-mecha fare sooner or later, due to the Opening.

The artwork is still exquisite, though the main character still suffers from that 'uhh' factor. Another thing I'm trying to figure out is what's up with her hair. She's supposed to be this classically trained ballet dancer, and she can't figure out how to get her her hair to stay down?

Beyond that, nothing big happens in the episode. Though the Rin's cheerleader (and she's actually in a cheerleader outfit this time around) has tamed down a bit, and Rin seems to be more accepting of her antics than she was in the first episode. Sadly, a large portion of the episode is taken up with the actual mechanics of the race, so we don't get a whole lot of furtherance of plot or characterizations.

Episode Summary
The episode starts out with Rin reminiscing over the jump at the end of the previous episode. After the opening, we get two guys talking about current affairs, and then our attention is switched over to the three girls, Rin, Shōko and Suzuri, getting a meal and Suzuri waxing eloquently about the glories that were Rin riding the Rideback. As they're eating two members of the Rideback club show up, trying to recruit Rin, and Shōko kind of chases them away.

Later Rin goes to the club garage, and sees Tamayo's Rideback. Tamayo then challenges Rin to a race.

We get introduced to Kenji, who is Rin's younger brother, and discover that he's something of a Rideback enthusiast. After that, Rin is hunting up details about riding a Rideback on the internet, and she and Shōko have some fun banter.

The day of the race, and that's what happens, with Suzuri there as a cheerleader for Rin. As it progresses, Rin falters for a moment on the Rideback, but by the end of things is once again the penultimate rider.

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