Monday, February 23, 2009

LFL has lost it....

I love Star Wars, and I often have to fight the compulsion to make random purchases regarding Star Wars collectibles. Even random purchases of the $350 lightsaber hilt replicas (and believe it or not, that was a HARD fight for me to not follow through on).

But there comes a point in a collector's life, when he looks at something, and thinks "now, they're just trying to extort money out of us."

Of course, for me that was while purchasing Galactic Heroes Series III figures (as two-packs) when they'd put new figures in with repacks, as I ranted about here.

But today I have come across something which put that to shame. What is it?

Why, this new set of books, entitled: Star Wars Frames.

Here's the product description (from Amazon's listing):

STAR WARS: FRAMES is an unprecedented, exquisite collection of defining moments from the revolutionary film series as seen through the eyes of its creator. FRAMES pays tribute as never before to the extraordinary visions seen in the epic, intergalactic adventure saga.

From the first view of the Death Star, to a planet of molten lava, or a dizzying asteroid field, the six films of George Lucas’s Star Wars Saga have been filled with astonishing, unforgettable images that changed the way we see cinema.

Each edition of STAR WARS: FRAMES contains 1,416 shots selected by Lucas from more than a million film frames. Contained in six hardcover 11” x 22” volumes, the images are printed from the original film stock in an exceptionally large format that preserves its full resolution and glorious widescreen aspect ratio. Combining cinematography with bookmaking’s highest production values, this remarkable and deeply personal collection is the closest thing to a piece of the original Star Wars film stock. FRAMES offers matchless insight into Lucas’ creative process and boldly illustrates his 30-year vision and passion for the Star Wars saga.
Yes, this is a set of books which contains ~8,500 screenshots. That in and of itself is not that bad of a thing. I mean, there are a number of film-based art books out there, this isn't the first and it won't be the last; and it has a good gimmick as they're Lucas' favorite scenes.

At least that's what you think about until you hit the price tag, which ranges from $4,000 to $5,500.

Yes, you read that right. That is a four digit price tag, for a bunch of screen shots in a wooden box.

In truth, I have never been so amazed at the audacity of LFL as I am right this moment.

I mean, what ever made them think that this was a good idea? Who in their right mind is going to spend four to five grand on a box of picture reprints? It's ludicrous.

Sadly, these days the more aware I am of LFL products, the less that I actually like Star Wars. I feel like I'm being taken advantage of whenever I purchase a LFL product these days. It's getting to the point where I'm thinking that anime will be a better genre-based time/money sink.

At least the 1/8th figures, like the original "Star Wars Unleashed" figures are pretty to look at....

And they don't cost four grand.

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