Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Mornings for the Magick Man!

As any and all who know me in real life is probably aware, I spent all of last week, assisting my wife in watching my brother-in-law's 4 children while they were indisposed due to their job. What this translates into is, not nearly enough time for my geeky things as any spare time I had was helped fielding issues involving the 6 of them. Also, for the record, I have the eldest grandchild on my wife's side of the family; this batch was aged 5,4,3,2,1,1(yes that's a set of twins).

But it gets better! That batched went off on 1/30, which happens to be my eldest son's birthday. On the 31st, my younger brother and HIS 4 came up for my eldest's birthday party. That means for that weekend, I had 6 kids in the house aged 7,6,5,3,2,1.

My eyes kind of look like this:

Yeah, it's definitely a Vision day. But the torture was not without its amusing moments. For example, early on with my brother-in-law kids, I took the eldest two from each set and went up the road to Kroger's. On the way home, Ron (the eldest from my Bro-in-law) pointed to the little button that controls the window for the back seat and said, "Uncle Stephen, Mr. Rick has this button on his car, and he says that his car is a magic car because of that. So that means you have a magic car too."

Nonplussed, because who doesn't want a magic car, I merely agreed, and was ready to push it from my mind, when my son spoke up.

His words were,"It's not magic. See," at this point, he began pushing the button, which we have turned off because of the children riding in the backseat. "They don't work, so this isn't a magic car."

Now, one can hear the slight confusion in Cam's voice as he then asks me, "So how do you control the windows?"

Without missing a heartbeat, I exclaimed, "I do it!" And then reached my arm into the back seat, pointed at his window and then waved my hand down, while at the same time pressing the window control built into the driver's door console. After a moment, I waved my hand upwards, and rolled the window back up.

One can imagine the gasp of surprise from this 4 year old, who mainly rides in mini-vans.

My son though, God bless his literal soul, was entirely unimpressed by my supernatural capabilities. I could HEAR his eyes rolling as he said, "Dad has buttons on the door that controls the windows."

Luckily, my son's disclaimer did not overcome what the younger child viewed as unequivocal proof of magical capabilities on my part. Thus, he leaned over to my son, and in a somewhat loud whisper, declared, "Nathan, I think your Dad is the...[yes, there was a pause for dramatic effect] Magick Man!"

At which time I tried my best not to burst out into gales of laughter, which would of course have ruined my image as the Magick Man.

There was one rather large drawback to the influx of family taht stormed through my house over the past few days (upon days) and that is that I now have a rather large backlog of anime/manga and other geekiness in which to wade through.

In fact, it's so bad, that I only have the barest of impressions for you all today, so here goes:

  • V: The New Series -- Good Lord, wasn't the first series bad enough? Or are we finally going to learn about the Star Child??
  • Pride & Prejudice & Zombies -- All I know is that I hope the Zombies eat Mr. Darcy
  • Star Wars: DeathTroopers cover -- Is this going to be a Star Wars/SAW crossover or is it Star Wars Zombies? Not sure which concept frightens me more...
  • A He-Man remake? Just so long as they get Dolph Lungden again.\
  • The Final Watchmen poster -- I'm still truly and totally stoked over that movie, and can't wait for it. ... that's odd, there was no snark in that comment... :|
  • The MiddleMan on DVD -- YES! YES! YES! Now, if only they don't make the rather stupid decision to base the second season on DVD sales. I believe this may be ABC Family's last hope in keeping my attention. If it is not revived, I'm permanently removing the channel from my TV.
There, that wasn't so hard, now was it? And fear not, I'll be back to my rambling self in time for next week's edition.

So, that's it for this week, and let's remember that it's good to be the Magick Man. Now, if only I could decide if I wanted to say that with the cadences of "It's good to be a Gangster" or not.

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