Monday, February 23, 2009

Mondays! Why, oh why....

Have yet more amusement from the wonderful land of parenthood. As any who may know me, or may have stumbled onto this blog in the past may know, I am the proud father of two geeks-in-training.

This particular fact has been driven home to my beloved wife many, many times by my eldest. A few days ago, my youngest got in on that particular act. What happened was that we were having dinner--taco salad for the record, and my boys were using their Star Wars dinner sets (or at least the cup & bowl portion of the set).

Well, my two year old, starts naming off the characters on the cup, including Ahsoka. Then he notices the cup my wife is using, which is a Princess Leia, RotJ cup that came as a part of a pack with a Slave-Leia figure. He pointed to the image of Jabba on it, and clearly stated "Jabba."

I was all sorts of proud, and my wife was amused. At least, until I thought of pointing out that he now knows more Star Wars characters by sight recognition than he does numbers, letters and/or shapes.

Sadly, I don't have a lot of random thoughts about geek things this week as I've been majorly busy at work.

The worst thing though is the NY Post's article claiming that ABC Family has officially canceled The Middleman.

All I must say to that is BAH!

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