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Review: Asu no Yoichi Episode 3

cheering because Stephen is getting this review written

They're happy because I'm actually getting this review written and posted. I tried nearly two weeks ago to do so, but due to overwhelming numbers of family members visiting, plus sickness,
I've only just now gotten around to it. So, without further ado....

My Thoughts
Ayame picture goes here, because Stephen thinks she looks like his Beautiful WifeAgain, I find myself enjoying this show. That said, I fear that we run the risk of people changing their beliefs due to the power of fisticuffs followed by a series of flowery praises.

Once or twice can be forgiven, but if it happens too many times, then we're starting to drift over into Sailor Moon and the power of love and sunshine territory.

Anyways, this episode also featured odd changes from the manga which this is based upon. In the second half of the episode, Angela and Yoichi fight.

In the original source, that fight occurs while Yoichi is asleep, and he is able to dodge all of her attacks and restrain her without waking up. There's also a sub-plot in that portion of the manga aobut ghosts at the dojo which just does not exist in the anime.

Angela starting to catch a clueI'm not entirely certain why that was changed. I mean I can almost see the reason for going from pocket knifes to maces (almost) but this? I mean they still fight, so violence can't be the issue.

The only thing that even seems conceivable as a reason, is that the writers wanted to be able to give the viewers more fan-service.

Again, it does not detract from the story, but at the same time it does not add anything to the story either. Although it does deny Yoichi another chance to show just how awesome he is.

Digression aside, the episode was good but did not get Ayame any closer to winning Yoichi. Though, I have to wonder if Ibuki is beginning to suspect some of what Ayame's feeling.

Yoichi, in typical male fashion, is still clueless about Ayame's feelings, and the reasons behind some of her actions (such as helping them clean). My Beloved Wife would point out that that makes him like me.

Episode Summary
Starts out with two new characters appearing (Tsubasa And Angela), and we find out that they're there to fight Yoichi.

Picture of Ayame, because she reminds me of my Beautiful WifeThen we switch over to Yoichi, Ayame and Ibuki cleaning the dojo--with Ayame there in an effort to spend more time with Yoichi.

Well, Tsubasa comes into the high school as a transfer student, and is placed in Ibuki's and Yoichi's class. During a break, she reveals her martial arts skills by cutting an out-of-control soccer ball in half with her hand, much to Tsubasa's chagrin (she's painfully shy apparently).

After the school day is over, Tsubasa leaves and is confronted by Angela, who sends her back to fight Yoichi. So, she runs away from Angela, who catches up with her in time to rip her clothes off, and send her to fight Yoichi. Apparently, Tsubasa's shyness was getting in the way of her training, so Angela trained her to fight harder when she basically had anxiety attacks due to embarrassing situations.

They begin their fight, broken with occasional expositional plot points, at least until Washizu comes up and interrupts, breaking the anxiety attack/fugue that Tsubasa had going on. Tsubasa runs off, and then Angela disappears as well.

The scene switches to them, and Tsubasa and Angela, with Tsubasa attacking like a young girl, and telling Angela that she hates martial arts and Angela. Angela is shocked, and disappears in response.

To show up and the dojo and fights Yoichi instead. Fight scene, and then expositional dialog to change the antagonist's POV occur. Angela runs away and finds Tsubasa and they make up.

The next day, we find that they're working at a restaurant (Angela as cook, Tsubasa as delivery). The gang chat amongst themselves, and then we switch over to the man-in-shadows complaining that Tsubasa failed in the task.

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