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Review: Asu no Yoichi episode 4

My Thoughts
I am enjoying this series, and have almost gotten caught up with it. This time around, we focused on the youngest of the three eldest sisters. I don't count Kagome in the running for Yoichi's affection because she's so much younger than the rest of them.

Anyways, Chihaya is a full-time mangaka as well as a full-time student. As such, she's usually busy, and not always that cheerful. Another fact is that even though she's a successful mangaka, she's still a teenager and has the same actions/reactions of such.

But of most interest is that she is the most aware of what Yoichi, Ayame and Ibuki are feeling. She's also creating the situations that cause conflict between the three for fodder for her manga. Truthfuly, I'm not sure whether to be aghast or amused.

We're still getting all the usual looks, and knowing glances between Ibuki and Yoichi, much to Ayame's dismay, so either the writers are taunting us, or they really want those two to end up together. Alas, we still have quite a few episodes to go until we find out.

Episode Summary
Chihaya is working on your manga, having a bit of trouble coming up with a side-plot for the serialization.

While this is happening, Ibuki and Yoichi are sparing in front of Ibuki's four students and Ayame. During the fight, Yoichi accidentally rips Ibuki's clothes across the chest with a sword swing. In usual anger mode, Ibuki punishes Yoichi and the students for seeing her in that state.

As the kids were leaving, Ayame wanders off to take a bath and be emo over how good Ibuki and Yoichi are getting along. Chihaya shows up to take a bath as well, and ends up questioning Ayame's feelings for Yoichi. Then Chihaya decides to interview Yoichi for her manga.

While this is happening, Washizu shows up at the gate, wanting to return Ibuki's handkerchief. As he steps forward, he notices that his shoes are dirty so he runs away.

Chihaya takes Yoichi back to her room, and shows him her manga. He does that praise thing as he spouts the usual nonsense about the power of spirits and believing in ones-self. At this point, Chihaya starts to seduce him, and after a minute, he firmly turns her down.

At which point Ibuki enters the room and misunderstands what she sees. A misunderstanding which Chihaya encourages. After the required beating of Yoichi, it's shown that Chihaya is basing her manga relationships on the one between Ayame, Yoichi and Ibuki.

Later, Kagome is arriving home from school and carrying a craft project. Yoichi, being chased by Ibuki for something or other, and thus breaks the project. Ibuki takes the time to beat Yoichi again for making Kagome cry. A few minutes later, Ibuki sends Yoichi on a task to take Chihaya her notebook at cram school.

Chihaya is at school, and is getting in trouble for doodling, and working on her manga rather than doing school work. While this is happening, Yoichi accidentally enters the girls' changing room and is chased about the school.

That's solved by Chihaya explaining Yoichi to her classmates. Chihaya then thanks Yoichi for the notebook, and he wonders off. As he's walking around the school, Yoichi hears three boys talking about Chihaya and hint at ruining her work. Yoichi runs back to the class and finds Chihaya there, holding her torn manga draft. She notices Yoichi, and tells him to not go beat the boys up, and then pushes him out of the class and locks herself in. Then she breaks down into tears, and crys about people putting down the things she works so hard on.

Yoichi overhears her crying, and angered he goes to find the boys. As they're leaving the school, he hears them bragging about things, and saying how they disliked people who worked hard at things. He catches up to them quickly, and then beats them and gives them a lecture.

After getting her emotions under control, Chihaya leaves the school and finds the three boys, on the ground. The ringleader asks her why she works so hard, and she explains that one day the he will find something worth working hard for.

Later Ibuki finishes fixing Kagome's project. And at the same time Chihaya finishes the side-story to her manga, which she bases on Yoichi. She then grabs Yoichi's hand to show that they're alike (both have calluses on their palms). She then leaves the room, an dboth Ayame and Ibuki attack him.

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