Monday, February 16, 2009

Time For More Mondays!

You know, sometimes I wonder why I started these random posts on Mondays. It's not like I like Mondays or anything--in fact quite the opposite. Though I fear it may be because I just didn't want to start work as the first thing on Monday mornings all those years ago.

Regardless, my Little Ewok (more commonly known as the youngest child) has become quite taken with the toy lightsabers which we have in the house (at latest count 5, and that doesn't count my ForceFX saber). This, coupled with his propensity for fighting seems like quite the recipe for a broken something in my house.

Anyways, like all good play-fighters, my youngest has a DEATH SCENE which he enacts whenever he gets struck by a lightsaber, or his lightsaber gets struck by a lightsaber. I guess he just assumes that every lightsaber hit is a natural critical hit.

So, my youngest smacks his saber against mine, and then he staggers backwards until he is in the middle of the living room's throw rug (and it doesn't matter WHICH room he starts in, it's always to the middle of the living room rug). Once there, he grasps at his chest and drops to his knees, before flopping, and rolling onto his back.

One must love kids.

Oh, well, now that the death scene is taken care of, we can carry on with the show. The first thing we've got from the past week is the fact that we can learn Japanese grammar from our good friend Yoda! It's an interesting take on things, and does make me wonder if Yaddle speaks Japanese as well.

Now, I don't normally do that much Star Trek stuff here, as I'm just not that into Star Trek. Yet this particular image has made the rounds on the various blogs--including the Star Wars ones, as it is a Star Trek inspired corset created by a clothes designer on the website Etsy.

See, it's folks like this that are happily destroying the stereotypical image of a Geek as someone who a) lives in their parent's basement, and b) is a virgin living in said basement.

But, me and the Beloved Wife did do a few things this weekend for Valentine's Day. First, we took the boys to Lowe's on Valentine's Day itself for their "Build-n-Grow" clinic. On the way out though, my Beloved revealed just how much of a NASCAR-geek she has become.

There was an issue of Sports Illustrated and on its cover was Jimmie Johnson and his crew chief and it was about NASCAR. An issue which my Beloved felt that Otaku-like yearning that she had to purchase said magazine.

So, as she got into the car after purchasing said magazine, I grinned at her, and just said "Geek."

But it's all good, because we went to see Coraline as well. My wife was less than thrilled by it, but I adored it, and thought it a great movie. It is a "kid's movie" but it's one of those brilliant ones which doesn't pull punches, and isn't afraid to scare them a little.

This was a feature of kids movies in the past, things like The Secret of NIMH or The Dark Crystal, or even Cinderella. Yet, recent movies have shied away from this--as if their producers are scared of the potential backlash which a slightly scary kids movie could possibly engender.

Regardless, it's a movie which I heartily recommend.

Oh well, that's it for this week's does of rambling nonsense. But hey, at least now we have just that much more geek in our lives--even if it's NASCAR geek...

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