Monday, March 30, 2009

Dr Haggis' Mad Collection

Yes, the Flickr user Drhaggis has such an awesome flickr stream that he warrants a title! What am I talking about? Well, it appears way back in 1982, Mad Magazine managed to predict quite a number of prequel plot points. Go here and view it!

Beyond that, I have still been busy, and lack even those nice little list of Geekery which amuse me so.

That said, there is a thread on TheForce.Net's Literature forum which seems instinctively a good fit for this blog: Anakin Solo will return... prepare for the Inevitable (theory based on LOTF Inferno regarding FOTJ).

Now, I've waxed eloquent a number of times in this blog on the ways, whys, and hows that the youngest Solo child should return. While I've not spoken at length at the reason for my belief that he should, it is not necessary a need to have a favored character return from fictional death, so much as it is the fact that by killing him Del Rey broke the monomyth.

The Monomyth is the literary structure upon which all of Star Wars was built. It has been used as a framework for the expansion of the universe through novels since the beginning. Yet Del Rey broke it with Anakin's death in the middle of the NJO.

Basically, they removed the HERO from the fantasy franchise that is Star Wars, and when they attempted to replace him with a lesser character, the only reasonable action to result from that replacement was a rather quick descent to the Dark Side and an ignoble death.

The Monomyth is broken, and in the process they have tainted every other character to the point where the HERO mantle does not fall naturally and fluidly upon their shoulders. Everyone else lacks both a Solo's humanity and a Skywalker's power--the two traits which Anakin Solo held.

But even that is not the most startling bit out of said thread. No, what got me the most was the fact that Vergere's death was probably faked.

First, let's look at a bit of novel excerpts:

"Vergere!" the subaltern cried, his voice ringing high above the sound of the grutchyna bringing down stone.

Tsavong Lah swung at the subaltern. "What of her?" Impatiently. "Isn't she coming?"

"She comes! But she isn't slowing down!"

The A-wing that Vergere stole from Ralroosts fighter bays impacted Ebaq 9's main shaft head traveling at thirty-five thousand kilometers per hour. The starfighter's weapons had been scavenged for use elsewhere, but weapons were scarcely necessary. The impact vaporized the heavy girders and machinery at the shaft head, and the starfighter's power plant and the two huge Novaldex engines turned into a fast-moving ball of plasma that swept the length of Ebaq 9's central shaft and blew out the other side, a brilliant volcanic eruption that blinded any holocams that happened to be turned in that direction.

He turned to her. "You did this, didn't you?"
Vergere's whiskers twitched with distaste. "It was necessary that you be liberated from your choices."

Jacen sighed. "My choices weren't very good, were they?"

"You chose with your heart. And you achieved your object, did you not? Your sister lives." She looked at him solemnly. "And I achieved my object as well. You are free to pursue your destiny."

Truth struck Jacen. He looked at Vergere in shock.

"I just realized," he said. "You're dead, aren't you?"
and Finally,

Jaina's excited presence interrupted. Jacen? He's here?

Yes. Jacen's presence in the meld was calm. With Vergere. She's saved us.

Vergere, thought Luke. His reaction was strong enough to send his complex feelings into the Force-meld, and he felt the others react. Luke quickly dampened his contact with the meld. There were secrets he didn't want all Jedi to

Was Vergere with the Yuuzhan Vong? The complex idea took some time for Luke to formulate. If the answer to his
question was yes, the Yuuzhan Vong knew of the Alpha Red weapon and this whole victory might be pointless.

No. Vergere's astringent personality flowed into the meld from wherever she had been concealing herself, and spoke with extraordinary clarity. I have been hiding among the New Republic forces. I stole a fighter and dived it into the moon to destroy the enemy.

Luke absorbed the implications of this. You gave your life to save the others.

Vergere's response was the answer she had given all along. It was necessary.
Look closely, at no point in the narrative are we shown that she is actually IN said A-Wing fighter. Additionally, if she is dead, then she is showing Force-ghost abilities which a prequel-era "Jedi" should not have. And finally, in light of LotF's revelation that she was a Sith, we also have to give her the Force Phantom ability which allows a Sith to create phantoms which can act/react with the environment--meaning that she could have created something to pilot the A-Wing for her.

In Summary:
  1. We only know that Vergere STOLE the A-Wing. Not that she actually flew it.
  2. She was doing that Force-projection thing Lumiya liked to do AFTER her death in a fiery ball of flames and hard radiation.
  3. She said that she stole it, and drove it into the moon--but that does not necessarily MEAN that she was still IN it to do so
  4. She projected herself into the MELD post-dive-bombing.
Thus, we get that Vergere is still out there alive and well somewhere in GFFA-land. My guess, in the same spot that she transported Anakin Solo too post the Vong War.

Well, that's enough rambling for a Monday Morning.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Monday Post, but Hey, I got Wednesday!

Gasp! I've been battling the ancient sword welding-crone all weekend, and thus missed my usual day of posting interesting-to-me things.

Actually, I managed to come down with pink-eye last Thursday. This ailment meant that I was fairly useless computer-wise for the entire weekend. In fact it wasn't until Sunday that I was able to comfortably sit in front of the monitor for more than an hour at a time.

But now, said ailment is just a mere ache, and a bit of watery-ness on the part of me eye.

Anyways, for those not keeping up, BSG and SW:CW have both ended their seasons, with BSG actually ending the series as well. Now that it's over I think it's time to actually ponder the rental of it in order to sit through and watch all of BSG in one long fell swoop.

Why you ask? Why would I do it this way? Because I've been burned by Fox too often as they destroyed their SF shows, and did not feel the urge to put myself in a lurch and hoping for completion of the various plot lines which was the end result of Firefly's and Space: Above and Beyond's aborted seasons.

Alas. In much more interesting news, the latest Star Wars novel was released yesterday. With the colon-spastic title of: Star Wars: Force of the Jedi: Outcast.

In much, much more IMPORTANT news, today is my Beloved Wife's birthday.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ah, That's Much Better... at least Time-Wise

Now that's a great big oops. For those of you pondering, yes, I did send this to get published prior to actually finishing writing the post. The Save and Post buttons are awfully close together.

Anyways, without further ado, here is the genre stuff that made it through my memory filters and piqued my interest over the past week:

  • MTV Movies is reporting that the live-action Star Wars television series is casting. I'm expecting literary canon to once again be tossed aside, as George Lucas rolls out Jar Jar's young, Ewok cousin, Bo-Bo. Even better, it promises to be set in the Dark Times, and not feature a single Jedi or Sith--because that lack of Jedi worked oh, so well, for Star Wars Galaxies.
  • has posted a pattern for that navy-star-filled sweater (see picture to the right) which the title character of that movie wears. Find it here.
  • On Wednesday, I found out that I'm jealous of a 14-year-old's birthday cake. The Great White Snark provided us all a look at a Serenity-based cake, and it looked both delicious and awesome.
  • We also can't forget the Periodic Table of Cartoons. Though, I find it odd that there's no Silverhawks, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers or Thundercats... talk about lacking the 80's love...
  • The nominees for a Saturn award (which is like the Oscars, except socially acceptable) are out. I'll list the nominees at the bottom of this post. Though I am left wondering about the sanity of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films at some of their picks (Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull?!? Did they see the same movie that I did??)
  • And speaking of movies, IO9 is reporting that there's a remake of Stephen King's IT in the pipes. I for one am trying to figure out how they're going to best Tim Curry's awesome portrayal of Pennywise.
It's a good set of things, and I'm proud of my memory (and my ability to search Google Reader Feeds for the links).

As an aside, a majority of my sites (,, have gone down due to something at my host. They promised a 99.9% uptime, but it's been days now, and that .1% deviance is starting to become annoying. I fear I may have to move away from and find myself a new host.

Anyways, as promised, here are the nominees for the Saturns:
  • Science Fiction Film
    • "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (20th Century Fox)
    • "Eagle Eye" (Paramount / DreamWorks)
    • "The Incredible Hulk" (Universal / Marvel)
    • "Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" (Paramount / Lucasfilm)
    • "Iron Man" (Paramount / Marvel)
    • "Jumper" (20th Century Fox)
  • Fantasy Film
    • "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" (Walt Disney Studios)
    • "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (Paramount)
    • "Hancock" (Sony)
    • "The Spiderwick Chronicles" (Paramount)
    • "Twilight" (Summit Entertainment)
    • "Wanted" (Universal)
  • Horror Film
    • "The Happening" (20th Century Fox)
    • "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" (Universal)
    • "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" (Universal)
    • "Quarantine" (Sony)
    • "Splinter" (Magnolia / Magnet)
    • "The Strangers" (Rogue / Universal)
  • Action / Adventure / Thriller Film
    • "Changeling" (Universal)
    • "The Dark Knight" (Warner Bros.)
    • "Gran Torino" (Warner Bros.)
    • "Quantum of Solace" (Sony)
    • "Traitor" (Overture)
    • "Valkyrie" (MGM / UA)
  • Actor
    • Christian Bale ("The Dark Knight") (Warner Bros.)
    • Tom Cruise ("Valkyrie") (MGM / UA)
    • Robert Downey, Jr. ("Iron Man") (Paramount / Marvel)
    • Harrison Ford ("Indiana Jones & Kingdom of the Crystal Skull") (Paramount / Lucasfilm)
    • Brad Pitt ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button") (Paramount)
    • Will Smith ("Hancock") (Sony)
  • Actress
    • Cate Blanchett ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button") (Paramount)
    • Maggie Gyllenhaal ("The Dark Knight") (Warner Bros.)
    • Angelina Jolie ("Changeling") (Universal)
    • Julianne Moore ("Blindness") (Miramax)
    • Emily Mortimer ("Transsiberian") (First Look Studios)
    • Gwyneth Paltrow ("Iron Man") (Paramount / Marvel)
  • Supporting Actor
    • Jeff Bridges ("Iron Man") (Paramount / Marvel)
    • Aaron Eckhart ("The Dark Knight") (Warner Bros.)
    • Woody Harrelson ("Transsiberian") (First Look Studios)
    • Shia LaBeouf ("Indiana Jones & Kingdom of the Crystal Skull") (Paramount / Lucasfilm)
    • Heath Ledger ("The Dark Knight") (Warner Bros.)
    • Bill Nighy ("Valkyrie") (MGM / UA)
  • Supporting Actress
    • Joan Allen ("Death Race") (Universal)
    • Judi Dench ("Quantum of Solace") (Sony)
    • Olga Kurylenko ("Quantum of Solace") (Sony)
    • Tilda Swinton ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button") (Paramount)
    • Charlize Theron ("Hancock") (Sony)
    • Carice Van Houten ("Valkyrie") (MGM / UA)
  • Performance by a Younger Actor
    • Freddie Highmore ("The Spiderwick Chronicles") (Paramount)
    • Lina Leandersson ("Let the Right One In") (Magnolia / Magnet)
    • Dev Patel ("Slumdog Millionaire") (Fox Searchlight)
    • Jaden Christopher Smith ("The Day the Earth Stood Still") (20th Century Fox)
    • Catinca Untaru ("The Fall") (Roadside Attractions)
    • Brandon Walters ("Australia") (20th Century Fox)
  • Director
    • Clint Eastwood ("Changeling") (Universal)
    • Jon Favreau ("Iron Man") (Paramount / Marvel)
    • David Fincher ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button") (Paramount)
    • Christopher Nolan ("The Dark Knight") (Warner Bros.)
    • Bryan Singer ("Valkyrie") (MGM / UA)
    • Steven Spielberg ("Indiana Jones & Kingdom of the Crystal Skull") (Paramount / Lucasfilm)
    • Andrew Stanton (Wall-E) (Walt Disney Studios)
  • Writing
    • Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway ("Iron Man") (Paramount / Marvel)
    • David Koepp, John Kamps ("Ghost Town") (Paramount / DreamWorks)
    • John Ajvide Lindqvist ("Let the Right One In") (Magnolia / Magnet)
    • Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan ("The Dark Knight") (Warner Bros.)
    • Eric Roth ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button") (Paramount)
    • J. Michael Straczynski ("Changeling") (Universal)
  • Network Television Series
    • "Fringe" (Fox)
    • "Heroes" (NBC)
    • "Life On Mars" (ABC)
    • "Lost" (ABC)
    • "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (Fox)
    • "Supernatural" (CW)
  • Syndicated / Cable Television Series
    • "Battlestar Galactica" (Sci Fi)
    • "The Closer" (TNT)
    • "Dexter" (Showtime)
    • "Leverage" (TNT)
    • "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (Cartoon Network)
    • "True Blood" (HBO)
  • Presentation on Television
    • "24: Redemption" (Fox)
    • "The Andromeda Strain" (A & E)
    • "Breaking Bad" (AMC)
    • "Jericho" (CBS)
    • "The Last Templar" (NBC)
    • "The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice" (TNT)
  • Actor in Television
    • Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad") (AMC)
    • Matthew Fox ("Lost") (ABC)
    • Michael C. Hall ("Dexter") (Showtime)
    • Timothy Hutton ("Leverage") (TNT)
    • Edward James Olmos ("Battlestar Galactica") (Sci Fi)
    • Noah Wiley ("The Librarian: The Curse of The Judas Chalice") (TNT)
  • Actress in Television
    • Lena Headey ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles")(Fox)
    • Jennifer Love Hewitt ("The Ghost Whisperer") (CBS)
    • Evangeline Lilly ("Lost") (ABC)
    • Mary McDonnell ("Battlestar Galactica") (Sci Fi)
    • Anna Paquin ("True Blood") (HBO)
    • Kyra Sedgwick ("The Closer") (TNT)
    • Anna Torv ("Fringe") (ABC)
  • Supporting Actor in Television
    • Henry Ian Cusick ("Lost") (ABC)
    • Thomas Dekker ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles")(Fox)
    • Michael Emerson ("Lost") (ABC)
    • Josh Holloway ("Lost") (ABC)
    • Adrian Pasdar ("Heroes") (NBC)
    • Milo Ventimiglia ("Heroes") (NBC)
  • Supporting Actress in Television
    • Jennifer Carpenter ("Dexter") (Showtime)
    • Summer Glau ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles")(Fox)
    • Yunjin Kim ("Lost") (ABC)
    • Elizabeth Mitchell ("Lost") (ABC)
    • Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes") (NBC)
    • Katee Sackhoff ("Battlestar Galactica") (Sci Fi)
  • Guest Starring Role in a Television Series
    • Kristen Bell ("Heroes") (NBC)
    • Alan Dale ("Lost") (ABC)
    • Kevin Durand ("Lost") (ABC)
    • Robert Forster ("Heroes") (NBC)
    • Jimmy Smits ("Dexter") (Showtime)
    • Sonya Walger ("Lost") (ABC)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top 10 Calvin Snowmen Strips

This is oh... 3 months or so old... but seeing as we still got snow just a week or two ago (and I just found the link) I figured it would be all right to post.

So, here is a list of the (or at least that blog's authors) Top 10 Calvin & Hobbes' snowman strips.

What I enjoyed most, is the meta-logic that the author of said blog applied to the philosophy and concepts espoused by the images themselves.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Argh!!! It's not fair!

Now I'm annoyed, and considering complaining to my local theater. Apparently, there was supposed to be geek trailers attached to Watchmen, it's just that the showing I went to lacked them.

For example, this trailer should've been there:

/mutters about Malco Theaters...

Oh my Stars and Garters....

Apparently I offended the Geekery-deities last week when I bemoaned my decreasing amount of free time. I know this, as they have decided to punish me with even less free time.

A trend which will apparently stretch out into the future as well. Glee.

But it is not all bad, as the Beloved Wife and I did manage to go see Watchmen over the weekend, and thus, my response is: AWESOME!

Now, I know that there are some who are angsting over the fact that it's not a perfect reconstruction of the original material. But, you know what, I don't think that matters. The movie rocked on its own merits.

Though I do feel a bit ripped off. I went to a Geek movie, therefore I expected to get inundated with Geek previews. But what do I get? Up, something that looks like utter eye-candy greatness named "9" and then a movie about Dillinger. And said Dillinger movie lacked space-rays, and outer-space flying things. There wasn't even a dragon or a random individual in skin-tight latex. I mean, this is THE geek movie for the 1st quarter, they could and should have given us Harry Potter, Star Trek, and probably Dragonball trailers.

But nooooo... I got the buddy-cartoon with poor physics, and tommy guns. Oh, well, the trailer for 9 almost made up for it. And on the off chance you've not seen it, well, here you go:

Here's hoping next week is more profitable... but I do fear I'll have even less time still... alas...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Idiotic Lifestyle...

Wow... I mean really, wow. It takes a lot to get through the jaded skin to shock me--after all, I worked retail for years upon years--yet something has.

I'm utterly flummoxed and flabbergasted.

I would say I'm speechless, but I have a tendency to spout off about my utter astonishment as opposed to just staring at the wall, trying to determine if the source of my astonishment is really as grumpy, grouchy and just that mean.

What am I talking about? Why Roger Ebert's review of the movie Fanboys. Now, I never expected high-cinema from this thing (after all, it was a low-budget film that the Wienstien's purchased and added to). And if Ebert (and please note that he has now lost the "Mister" honorific I usually provide) had managed to stick purely in the land of critiquing the movie, I'd probably have agreed with him once I got to see it.

Unfortunately, he just didn't.

Let's look at my two favorite quotes:

Extreme fandom may serve as a security blanket for the socially inept, who use its extreme structure as a substitute for social skills. If you are Luke Skywalker and she is Princess Leia, you already know what to say to each other, which is so much safer than having to ad-lib it. Your fannish obsession is your beard. If you know absolutely all the trivia about your cubbyhole of pop culture, it saves you from having to know anything about anything else. That's why it's excruciatingly boring to talk to such people: They're always asking you questions they know the answer to.
But enough about my opinions; what about "Fanboys"? Its primary flaw is that it's not critical. It is a celebration of an idiotic lifestyle, and I don't think it knows it. If you want to get in a car and drive to California, fine. So do I. So did Jack Kerouac. But if your first stop involves a rumble at a "Star Trek" convention in Iowa, dude, beam your ass down to Route 66.
Like I said, I was utterly flummoxed that a nationally, known personality would sit there and blatantly insult large portions of the population.

Here's a secret: I'm an extreme fanboy. I suffer at the desire to purchase EVERYTHING geek related. I want, and I want, and there's just no stopping me when it comes too books. That incessant need for more Geekry is why I ensured that there was at least one good used bookstore close to my house when purchasing it.

Yet, I'm not socially inept. Sure, I may be a tad taciturn and not apt to speak out unduly, but that has nothing to do with my fandom. Heck, I managed to expose enough social skills to get and keep my beloved wife.

But according to Ebert, that's exactly what I am. And why am I socially inept? Because I love a certain segment of pop-culture, to the exclusion of more "acceptable" forms of that self-same pop-culture.

And yes, I know probably 90% of all there is to know about Star Wars. I've dedicated a lot of brain space to the franchise, in addition to big chunks of a few dozen others.

Yet, I also must know thousands, upon thousands of other things. I'm a husband, a father, a Christian, and a software engineer. I have to know basic home, auto, and lawn maintenance. I have to know which stories my sons want read before bed. I have to know how to comfort and how to punish. I have to know enough programming structures, database concepts, as well as just the sheer creative gumption to create software programs. I have to know enough to determine the best way to do my taxes.

I have to know all of these things, and soo many more.

And yes, I know about Star Wars. I know about a good bit of the history of the X-Men. I know a wide swath of the Marvel and DC universes. I know about Star Trek, and Cowboy Bebop. I have hundreds of books, ranging from horror to true crime to my beloved speculative fiction.

That is me, he is talking about.

And probably it is you as well. Even if you've never been to this site, and know nothing about science fiction or anime, or fantasy.

Because, I find discussions on football, baseball, and even NASCAR (much to my Beloved Wife's despair) to be as boring and tenancious as Ebert apparently finds my beloved geekry. And for every parent's basement dwelling SF fanatic out there, there's someone whose entire existence revolves around beer and football.

The difference between me and Ebert is that I'd never have the gall, arrogance, or the outright hate, to tell the people that do love sports that they're wasting their times and their lives. That they're hiding behind their team scores and driver rankings in an effort to not have to deal with people on a personal level.

But hey, it's just Geeks, so where's the harm in insulting them, right?

And for the record, I think it would be an awesome road trip that involved just traveling from one convention to the next for a month or two...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wowzers, where did last week go?!?!

I'm serious, here it is, bright and early on a Monday morning, and I'm seriously lacking in the content for what I view as my lovable and adorable readers.

So, let's start with Ground Zero. It's an interesting mashup, dealing with Google Maps, and the potential heat-damage from a wide range of nuclear weapons, and even going up to an asteroid.

Amusing, but scary....

Anyways, I've been having a bit of issues with my PC (caught a virus from somewhere) so I'm a tad behind in my anime viewing. Well, the virus and the fact that I had family in again last weekend (not yesterday, the Sunday before that).

Anyways, as I'm lacking in such things as time this particular week, I've decided to just do one of those huge dumps of SF data that tickled my fancy this past week.

So, without further ado, here's said big bucket of SF/Genre information:

  • Deathtroopers is now Death Troopers
  • The comic tie-in for The Old Republic MMO is now up
  • The Never-Ending Story is the next beloved movie/franchise from my childhood to get violated and left on a street corner, addicted to crack, and willing to turn tricks for its next thrill... be rebooted
  • Total Recall is also getting a remake, one wonders if they'll just torture us with a bad caricature of Arnold or will we get a movie actually based on a Philip K. Dick story (rather than the poor substitutes we usually receive)
  • Neurologists have figured out why the Prequels make us hate George Lucas
  • Cory Doctorow's Little Brother is up for a Nebula Award in the novel category--here's to hope that he wins for it is an awesome book.
  • Narnia's Dawn Treader has a new writer, so it's apparently back in production... or on the way... or something...
  • And the TNG cast is reuniting that to Family Guy
  • Aphrodite IX is the latest comic which is in the running to get a movie--which should be highly interesting, provided that it doesn't fall into the same traps that Ultraviolet and Aeon Flux fell into (two much flash, not enough character)
Ahh... there we go... now that's a healthy dose of content... it's amazing what my mind can spit out when under a deadline....
Ayame picture goes here, because Stephen thinks she looks like his Beautiful Wife
Digression aside, I feel much better about talking how the anime blog RIUVA, has decided that the anime Asu no Yoichi (my reviews for ep1, ep2, ep3, ep4 and ep5) has value all due to Ayame.

Which of course, I have to heartily concur with.

I mean I married a girl that has her character design--how can I not like it.

Well, I think that's about it for this week, which of course means that we have another seven days worth of SF to look forward too... including the release of Watchmen on Friday--though it may be Saturday, or next week before I get around to seeing it.

Good times...

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