Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Monday Post, but Hey, I got Wednesday!

Gasp! I've been battling the ancient sword welding-crone all weekend, and thus missed my usual day of posting interesting-to-me things.

Actually, I managed to come down with pink-eye last Thursday. This ailment meant that I was fairly useless computer-wise for the entire weekend. In fact it wasn't until Sunday that I was able to comfortably sit in front of the monitor for more than an hour at a time.

But now, said ailment is just a mere ache, and a bit of watery-ness on the part of me eye.

Anyways, for those not keeping up, BSG and SW:CW have both ended their seasons, with BSG actually ending the series as well. Now that it's over I think it's time to actually ponder the rental of it in order to sit through and watch all of BSG in one long fell swoop.

Why you ask? Why would I do it this way? Because I've been burned by Fox too often as they destroyed their SF shows, and did not feel the urge to put myself in a lurch and hoping for completion of the various plot lines which was the end result of Firefly's and Space: Above and Beyond's aborted seasons.

Alas. In much more interesting news, the latest Star Wars novel was released yesterday. With the colon-spastic title of: Star Wars: Force of the Jedi: Outcast.

In much, much more IMPORTANT news, today is my Beloved Wife's birthday.

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