Monday, March 2, 2009

Wowzers, where did last week go?!?!

I'm serious, here it is, bright and early on a Monday morning, and I'm seriously lacking in the content for what I view as my lovable and adorable readers.

So, let's start with Ground Zero. It's an interesting mashup, dealing with Google Maps, and the potential heat-damage from a wide range of nuclear weapons, and even going up to an asteroid.

Amusing, but scary....

Anyways, I've been having a bit of issues with my PC (caught a virus from somewhere) so I'm a tad behind in my anime viewing. Well, the virus and the fact that I had family in again last weekend (not yesterday, the Sunday before that).

Anyways, as I'm lacking in such things as time this particular week, I've decided to just do one of those huge dumps of SF data that tickled my fancy this past week.

So, without further ado, here's said big bucket of SF/Genre information:

  • Deathtroopers is now Death Troopers
  • The comic tie-in for The Old Republic MMO is now up
  • The Never-Ending Story is the next beloved movie/franchise from my childhood to get violated and left on a street corner, addicted to crack, and willing to turn tricks for its next thrill... be rebooted
  • Total Recall is also getting a remake, one wonders if they'll just torture us with a bad caricature of Arnold or will we get a movie actually based on a Philip K. Dick story (rather than the poor substitutes we usually receive)
  • Neurologists have figured out why the Prequels make us hate George Lucas
  • Cory Doctorow's Little Brother is up for a Nebula Award in the novel category--here's to hope that he wins for it is an awesome book.
  • Narnia's Dawn Treader has a new writer, so it's apparently back in production... or on the way... or something...
  • And the TNG cast is reuniting that to Family Guy
  • Aphrodite IX is the latest comic which is in the running to get a movie--which should be highly interesting, provided that it doesn't fall into the same traps that Ultraviolet and Aeon Flux fell into (two much flash, not enough character)
Ahh... there we go... now that's a healthy dose of content... it's amazing what my mind can spit out when under a deadline....
Ayame picture goes here, because Stephen thinks she looks like his Beautiful Wife
Digression aside, I feel much better about talking how the anime blog RIUVA, has decided that the anime Asu no Yoichi (my reviews for ep1, ep2, ep3, ep4 and ep5) has value all due to Ayame.

Which of course, I have to heartily concur with.

I mean I married a girl that has her character design--how can I not like it.

Well, I think that's about it for this week, which of course means that we have another seven days worth of SF to look forward too... including the release of Watchmen on Friday--though it may be Saturday, or next week before I get around to seeing it.

Good times...

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