Monday, April 6, 2009


That there is my little Jedi. What you don't know, is that he's holding a stick, and at the same time held this conversation with my Beloved Wife:

YubYub: Mommy, I'm gonna fight you. (he's holding a stick)
BelovedWife: Oh really, is that your sword?
YubYub: Nope.
BelovedWife: Ok, is that your light saber?
YubYub: (in an exasperated tone) No mommy, it's just a stick!

You've got to live kids.

Anyways, I'm still on light-time duty due to overwhelming demands regarding the testing of my current software system which needs to be delivered rather soon. As such, I lack the sheer time needed to normally generate one of my rambling posts, so you get this nifty mini-rambling post.

But, good things are happening right now in Geek Culture. It's the start of the Spring Anime Season for one, including a new series about the FullMetal Alchemist--whose first episode I actually did enjoy, even if overfilled with "short" jokes.

Then of course was the recent release of the first novel of the Fate of the Jedi series. I'm about 8/10ths of the way through that novel, and should have it finished in time for a review on Friday.

And Harper's Island is starting sometime soon. I have a kind of vague hope that this will at least be entertaining television, though I fear I am setting myself up to be let down (and made somewhat bored) as is so often the case when dealing with TV (glances towards Fringe and Dollhouse).

Oh well, that is it for this issue of the rambling Geek.

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