Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fan-Made Green Lantern Trailer

Now, I think this rocks!! Also, Nathan Fillion works great as Hal Jordan.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cute but Clueless

I was at lunch just a bit ago. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, me and the Beloved Wife went to a Mexican restaurant in the area. Now, in the normal course of events, that's not a big deal. The Beloved Wife loves her some Mexican food (much like me and my sushi), but today since they were busy, we were sat in one of those two-person tables, with one side of it fairly close to an 8 top table.

Now, here's the grand part.

The party their filled, the table, and closest to me and the Beloved Wife, were a man and a woman, both in what I'd guess to be their mid to late twenties.

In the course of a discussion of upcoming movies, the man, quite rightly so, stated, "I can't wait for G.I. Joe to come out."

The girl had THIS expression on her faceThe girl across from him, gets this nice confused look on her face, and replied, "What?"

At this point, a reasonable person, would have condescendingly patted the poor unlettered girl on the head, and made some comment about her not knowing anything. Sadly, the man wasn't that reasonable.

His response, "Well, you know guys, we're all just little boys at heart. We love our science fiction and action adventure movies. This one is based on G.I. Joe."

So, Ms. Unlettered, pushed her plate away from her, and placed her hands on the table to either side of it. Then she leaned forward slightly, and in utter, and total sincerity, responded, "Oh, I so know what you mean." She then glanced from side to side furtively, before continuing. "I mean, I actually own G.I. Jane."

Then, quite oblivious to the look of shocked confusion Hey look! A reason to post a picture of Alicia Silverstone! And I need to convince my wife to wear that skirt...on the man's face, and even the amazed incredulity on my Beloved Wife's, she continued talking!

"And I also own Indecent Proposal."

Now, just so everyone was clear on things, because the guy was starting to sputter as his poor brain attempted to formulate a response, she then added in. "Because you know Demi is just awesome. I mean, whenever I watch G.I. Jane, I get so pumped up, and spend a few weeks constantly working out, hoping to be as tough as she is there."

Of course, at this point, she must have realized the grave error which comparing oneself to the Demi was, for she finished up this brilliant thought with, "But then I just get lazy again and eat an Oreo."

Before too long, the group finished their meal, and removed themselves from the restaurant. Which is probably a good thing, Ms. Unlettered was on her second margarita and I doubt that she'd have anything more intelligent to say with the consumption of a third.

Once they were gone, and me and the Beloved Wife had free reign to begin the inevitable laughter, with a smirk on her face, my Beloved Wife dubbed Ms. Unlettered, "Cute, but Clueless."

Cluelessness: There are no stupid questions

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