Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Poor Faith In Humanity...

I've got to admit something... I'm something of an optimist about humanity. I can't help it, it's part of being a big fan in speculative fic. Even the most despairing versions of a dystopic futures are, at least to me, about the innate survivability of the species.

Yet, tonight... tonight it has been broken, beyond all belief.

You see, tonight, I went on a movie date with my beloved wife. We went to see The Proposal.

And as it started there was a preview for the upcoming movie New Moon.

Now, that in and of itself, is not that bad. What was bad was that a group of teenaged girls a few rows ahead of us clapped at the end of it.


And cheered.

As this happened, I felt my faith in humanity, and my hope in the future intelligence of my species, just... break.

Maybe one day I'll get it back... let's see what happens at the previews for the upcoming Harry Potter movie...

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