Monday, July 6, 2009

Rambling on the Sixth of July...

In utter non-surprise, I have little SF based content, as I've had Things To Do.

The first, is that the nephews from my wife's side of things came up for a visit of their Mom-Mom, which meant that for most of last week we deposited our two with her as well. And my wife. And myself.

Well, Friday their parents got there, and we had ourselves a fine time over that day-and-a-half visit. Topped off with fireworks on the 4th.

I did get to introduce my Brother-in-Law to our local Apple Store.

I still firmly believe that anyone with any form of geek leanings need to visit an Apple Store at least once in their life. It's the Geek Mecca after all; pilgrimages are mandatory.

The second reason for a lack of rambling on SF is the simple fact that I bought a new game. Yes, I indulged in my video gaming tendencies and bought something. And I guess "new" is a misnomer, as it's been out a few years now.

Anyways, I bought the Game of the Year edition of Oblivion (which comes with the game, and it's two expansion packs).

And I must admit that I'm enjoying it quite immensely. It's just plain fun. In fact, I stayed up until nearly 2:30 in the morning playing it Saturday night. Much to my Beloved Wife's annoyance as I kind of woke her when I realized the time and went to bed.

But, in a SF related, headline, Wired talks about the birth of the AK-47, and goes about calling it an "All Purpose Killer." Which, to me, seems like one of the most Science-Fictiony of article titles I've ever seen.

Especially for a purported news article.

After all, apparently, the AK-47 has now gained intelligence and the ability to fire itself, and has thus gone on a rampage, killing people without human interaction.

Alas, it seems that we don't have smart-killing machines just yet, but rather biased headline writers. Who knew, huh?

Well, I must now ready myself for work... until next week...

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