Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday Rambling for 08/03/2009

I find myself in an odd sort of mood.  First, I’ve changed the “Description” for this blog. 

The reason is because over time, my focus has changed. While I’ve still pushed out a lot of geek-related stuff, more and more often, I find myself writing about my Beloved Wife and the munchkins.

As such, I figured I might as well formalize the concept into my blog’s description.  Additionally, by accepting that this has a focus on my family, I’m able to write more, as I’ll often find myself with content which doesn’t fit into any of my three blogs.

Fundamentally, I’m basically becoming a “Daddy Blogger.”

Oh well, enough meta-talking.

After all, I have a story of my adorable children.

I took the Beloved Wife and my two geeks to a restaurant on Saturday. Not that big of a surprise, but it’s one that I had visited, while my wife and kids had never been. Since I loved their Sloppy Fries (home-made French fries covered in gravy and cheese), I decided that it would be a good thing to have some more.

So, there we are, sitting in this restaurant, and my wife looks about, before turning to me and informing me that ours were the only children in the entire place.

I saw no problem—after all, they HAD a kid’s menu, so it’s reasonable to assume that children are welcome.


Well that was my stance—a stance my wife has since corrected by clarifying that the kid’s menu needs at least 4 items, or provide a toy or crayons in order to be “kid appropriate.”

But I digress.

The important thing, for me at least, was that my youngest was doing what most nearly-three-year olds do and that was singing his favorite songs.

Well, because it had become so common over the past few weeks, I had not even noticed that the song he was “singing” lacked words.  After all, John Williams’ songs are instrumental.

And yes, he was humming a John Williams’ song.

Which of course meant that all the adults that surrounded us were watching us.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My poor beleaguered wife though—she blamed me.  Her words something along the lines of, how any child but mine would be singing a toddler song, but mine had to hum John Williams.

Of course I pointed out that it could be worse.

He could be singing something from The Wiggles.

Or the TeleTubbies.

Or that evil purple dinosaur.

But hey, at least I get my daily dose of John Williams…

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