Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monsters In A Bed

After church and lunch today, we pawned the kids off on the MIL, and then me and the Beloved Wife went to see a movie (the new Harry Potter).

Well, after the movie was over (~6:45) we grabbed some dinner for ourselves, the boys and the MIL and went back to her house to eat.  After some conversation and what not we finally left about 8:30 or so.

Not a problem, sure we like having the boys in bed by then, but it's summer, and being up late every now and then won't harm them.

But that's not the amusing part. 

On the way home, the youngest, calls out, "Mommy, are there monsters in my bed?"

Of course, the Beloved Wife answers no, and I'm kind of smiling.

Then the youngest asks, "Mommy, are there monsters in my window?"

Again, with the negative response, and I'm still amused by how adorable the kid is.

A few minutes later, we get another question, "Mommy, are there monsters in my closet?"

Again, the Beloved Wife answers no, and I'm both trying to not laugh and wonder where he'll ask about monsters next.

Which apparently meant that the eldest son felt the need to step in with his words of wisdom.

"There are no monsters," he says, and I'm amused by it.

"Monsters are fake," he says a few moments later, and I almost point out that the younger munchkin probably doesn't understand what "fake" is.

"Monster's aren't real," he says before I get the chance to point out the fake bit, so I continue driving in silence.

"There are no monsters to scare you," is what appears next. I must admit to frowning, but I can't really see how this could be a bad statement, and above that I'm still amused.

Then it gets even better.

"There are no monsters to get you."

I didn't  get a chance to respond before the elder is speaking again.

"There are no monsters to eat you."

My mouth opens to say something, but I'm still not fast enough.

"There are no monsters-"

Alas, what he was going to say is lost to the world, as I finally got my brain wrapped around what was happening, and I blurted out, "Little Man, stop trying to reassure your little brother!"

Silence reigned in the truck for about a quarter mile.

For a moment, I was hoping that the youngster hadn't picked up on things.

For a moment, I actually had that hope.

Then from the back seat, came my youngest son's voice, "Mommy? Are there monsters to eat me?"

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