Monday, October 19, 2009

The Caves of Steel

In June, 1954, the master of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, Isaac Asimov, wrote the Caves of Steel. Fundamentally, it was a mystery novel with science fiction elements.  One of those elements, is the "caves of steel" which are huge city-complexes covered by metal domes and supporting tens of millions of people.

Now, why would I be writing about this?

Well, that's because a team of engineers have plans on how to protect the city of Houston, which involves a giant dome.houston  I read the the little bit of text associated with it and I'm in awe. 

While it's not STEEL (rather it's a type of plastic) the thought of a city encased in a giant dome, and housing literally millions of people just utterly appeals to the SF geek in me. 

I mean, if they do it, it'd be worth going to see, just to say that I was in one of Asimov's Caves of Steel.

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