Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Morning Rambling 11/02/09

Gah! I now have two episodes of 11Eyes which I need to review. Frankly, I suck at episodic reviewing, mainly because I get so easily distracted by other things--like Crunchyroll's collection of anime.

Basically, I re-watched Myself;Yourself over the past few days and realized just how.... freaky some of the character arcs are in that thing. Especially the one revolving around the Watsuki twins .

Oh well.

On the children front, the Beloved Wife and I got yet another example of our youngest having an affinity for megalomaniacs. Remember, this is the kid who's favorite character to play-act as from the Star Wars franchise is Emperor Palpatine.

So, Sunday after church we all went to Burger King. Well, their current kid's meal toy promotion is for some Spongebob thing. We got two, a Plankton and a Patrick.

My wife was holding the things, trying to decide which one to give to each child, when the youngest spoke up, and while pointing towards Plankton exclaimed, "I like that one." A moment later, my eldest spoke, asking for Patrick.

That crisis of differing toys averted, my wife handed them out. Then a moment later glanced at me, her head shaking slightly, as she realized that once again the youngest chose the bad guy as his toy-of-choice.

I fear that my son may be the reason that Real Life Super-Heroes are starting to pop up....

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