Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Just Your Average Monday Morning...

And all is well here in Geek-Land. The sky hasn't fallen (too much) and the birds are even singing (which drives the cats mad, as they want to eat said birds--and at 6am, I'm more than happy to help said cats in their endeavors).

Sadly, my own endeavors have fallen short and behind schedule. While reviewing the possibilities of constructing stairs to my monsters' kids' new tree house, I've come to the conclusion that it might be easier to use pre-cut stair risers (and consequently a platform halfway up to the tree house) than to attempt to cut the stairs myself.

Additional sadness in the fact that I've not yet gone to see the two movies that I've been wanting to. After all, my children are eagerly awaiting to see How to Train Your Dragon.

But of even more fun news is the fact that I've introduced my children to the glory that is The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. I was excited that this show has appeared on HULU and set my kids up to watching the first two episodes while my wife cooked dinner/watched the end of the Sprint Cup Race and I assisted her in those tasks.

Additionally, my son has completed all the requirements for his Tiger badge, and will be getting that particular award in May at the end-of-the-year picnic which the pack is having. Of further significance is that I am now the Den Leader for my son's den (insert required "Power" based laughter/gloating here). So, we'll see how that works for things.

Well, that's all I have time for this morning, so I'm off to shower, shave and go forth into the world...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Missing Reviews, Geekery, and Cub Scouts Galore

Bah, it's already Friday, and I'm so far behind that even next week's Monday morning rambling post is late.

I've only watched two of the new anime series for this season so far (Angel Beats and Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou), and while they were both good, neither was exactly something to write home about. Of course, it's still too early in the season to tell if they're going to be good, but neither of them started out the season with.... shall we say, objectionable content.

And of course, I've once again picked up on V. That said, it has started coming across as... well "meh." After all, there's only so much one can do with a series of this nature. Either the good guys are going to win at the end of season 1, or we're going to be stuck in interminable limbo where just as the good guys start to win, some new, more powerful bad guy shows up to kick more butt. Now, if the writers would sit down and say: "this is going to go for three seasons, and this is what we're doing." then I would probably be much, much happier with how things are going.

Oh well.

Apparently, I've joined the "Cub Scout Council" for my pack and fielded the first meeting of it last night. Which went basically like all meetings I've ever been in went--except this one stayed more on topic regarding the agenda than any I've seen before.

Finally, I know I've been missing reviews, and I feel bad about it. Unfortunately, time has a way of running from me screaming. Of course, the zombie slaughters I'm carrying out (or "survivor slaughters, when I'm playing as the Infected) in Left 4 Dead 2 doesn't exactly help with my time. But it's such fun! I for one, can't wait for "The Passing" to finally get released so we can have a new map and game options.

Well, I must get the eldest to school, and get myself to work for another day of coding joy...

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