Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Monday Morning Rambling

I'm still trying to get back in the habit of writing more often. I despise that I got so busy and my writing just took a nose dive, and it seems once you get out of the habit then, well, it's pretty much gone.

Oh well. It's a habit and one that I frequently relegate to the background in order to do things such as... watch anime or shot zombies... lots and lots of zombies.

Anyways, my boy has finally received his Tiger Cub patch. It was on Saturday, at the end of the year picnic, and basically the entire den was able to receive the patch, but only 5 or so of the cubs from the den were there to get the patch. What was even nicer was the fact that I got to award it to my son (since I'm going to be den leader next year, and the current den leader was unable to attend due to his daughter's surgery).

The picnic was fun overall, somewhat busy, and the only real down-side was that after the picnic was over, my eldest boy (there in the picture beside me) was racing one of his den-mates, and took a dive into the mud.

He was quite... unhappy about the prospect of his uniform being coated in mud.

Then, Sunday was another important milestone for the boy, in that he was enrolled as a Junior Soldier in the Salvation Army. There was a number of pictures (as well as a cell-phone video) that was taken during the ceremony, so maybe we'll get those soon.

Then Sunday night, was a pizza-movie-"forced-family-fun" type night. The thing is, that whenever we order in a pizza, we allow the kids to "picnic" in front of the TV and eat the pizza while watching a movie (which is a very far cry from the standard, eat at the table with the TV off situation that happens on a nightly basis). Well, I had received Ponyo from NetFlix and thus we watched that. It was as good as most of the other Studio Ghibli works, and I enjoyed it, as did my boys, especially the youngest.

Well, I fear that I must head off to work now, so until next week...

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