Saturday, October 2, 2010

"I Found Jesus!"

I have a story. A lovely tale of how my youngest son, the three-year-old, found Jesus.

First though, let me tell you a different story. This story is about a toy. This toy is owned by my eldest son and is a small Jesus figurine.  It's about an inch or so high, and he was given it as a reward at some church function about two years ago. Truthfully, it was one of those things that a kid is given, and the parents just automatically assume will be lost within two weeks.

Well, that's basically how it worked. My eldest had it, for a few weeks it sat on his headboard and then it just disappeared for the longest time.

Until last night.

Last night, it was found.

By my youngest son.

I don't know where he found it, or how he managed to get his hands on it.  All I know is that I sat on the couch, reading a book on my Hitchhiker's Guide kindle and my son came running into the living room.  A bright smile shone on his face and I could see that he held something.

When he was about five steps away he exclaimed, loudly mind you, "Daddy, look! I found Jesus!"

Of course, I'm sure you've put together exactly what he found, and what he was carrying, but that doesn't negate the sheer.... well cuteness of the whole scenario.

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