Sunday, May 1, 2011

[C] (Episode 3) Thoughts

I can admit that when I first read the synopsis for this series, I was very hesitant about it. It sounded like an insane riff on the magical beast battle thing. Fundamentally, that's true, though there are other aspects that actually make it interesting.

But that's not what I'm left considering here.

Now, there's going to be spoilers in here for episode 3, and this isn't really a review, so much as a drop area for thoughts on the episode, and some things that happened within it.

Now, this episode was narrated by Jennifer Satou. Her character is an entre that also works for an "Organization" which is investigating the Financial Districts. It's a somewhat over-bearing way for us to get details about how the Financial District (and the related concepts) works in this world.

Anyways, Jennifer Satou is investigating the flow of MIDAS MONEY from the Financial District into the real world because her organization is worried about the impact of MIDAS MONEY on the various economies of the world.

[C] Episode 3 Oddity #1Yet, while I watched this episode, I had to wonder if there wasn't something else going on as well. If the Financial District wasn't tinkering with the real world on an even larger aspect than just shifting its money into the world of the real.

The first hint of something being off happened around the five minute mark of this episode, and is encompassed by the three screenshots to the right there.

This set is basically broken down into three distinct actions.

  1. Jennifer Satou gets into a line at a DONUT shop
  2. The screen does this weird digitizing effect
  3. Random NPC disappears into the digitizing effect
  4. Jennifer is now in line at a TAIYAKI shop

What's more interesting is that Jennifer seems to EXPECT these shifts in reality.

She seems to realize that something has changed. She is able to observe (and additionally is unaffected by) whatever is the root cause of the digitizing effect. This is evidenced by her comment on the fact that the donut shop has turned into a TAIYAKI shop (see the subtitle in that third screen cap).

Now, exactly what's happening here, I'm not 100% certain, as the characters haven't seen fit to tell me yet.

Of course, I wouldn't be writing this today if I didn't have a random possibility to consider here.

And that random possibility is that the there is a correlation between the amount of MIDAS money in the real world and the underlying structure of the real world.

Consider, X amount of MIDAS DOLLARS were shifted from the Financial District to the real world, and that was the cause of the random NPC disappearing.

And of course, Entres are not affected by it, and worse, they remember the world prior to the change.

Cop Encounter with JenniferThis can be concluded from when the police officer approaches Jennifer's van, and Jennifer doesn't recognize the officer, while the officer doesn't recognize the name of the person Jennifer expected to be patrolling this area.

These are both subtle disconnects which present a darker point behind the already dark aspects of the Financial District. Additionally, it's one which the characters don't even seem to realize or consider.

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